Top 7 Countries with the Highest Salaries in the World |

Top 7 Countries with the Highest Salaries in the World

To help you pick your next destination, here are the places with the highest average income

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19 December 2018

Last updated on 19 January 2020
Top 7 Countries with the Highest Salaries in the World

If you are thinking to relocate and work abroad to increase your earning potential there are many things to consider. When it comes to deciding which country to move to, one of the most important factors to consider is how much money it is possible to earn whilst working there. Certain locations strive in different industries depending on their climate, population and ultimately the economy.

Here are the best locations for anyone looking to move away from home in order to obtain the highest salaries in the world.


The motivation to work in France has always been very high and this has enabled consistent business growth over a number of industries. The salaries on offer here are very competitive, since anyone operating within a skilled profession can earn up to £28,826 each year. There is also an incredibly strong incentive to further skills and reach management level, where it is possible to earn up to AED 853,890 per annum.

United Kingdom

Although Britain is in political turmoil at present and the consequences of Brexit could make employment for any prospective overseas workers very difficult, the country is still highly lucrative when it comes to salaries. They are a main stayer within the top ten for global pay with managerial workers earning around AED 797,015 per year.

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This country thrives in the tourism industry, but there’s far more on offer in Austria than picturesque scenery and grand architecture. Although this proves to be a strong purpose to live and work in Austria, the average rate of pay which stands at AED 140,665 is the real reason more people are starting to consider this as a viable location to relocate.

Hong Kong

Although Hong Kong is now part of China, the location still offers far better salaries than the one’s one offer within the mainland. This is the best country to relocate to within Asia, since you will be living in a contemporary atmosphere and can earn money in the region of AED 154,850 each year.


Don’t be fooled by the primitive size of Luxembourg as the country has some of the best salaries in the world on offer. Operating with a high-income economy which has encouraged high levels of innovation and moderate business growth, there is the potential for you to earn as much as AED 200,840 per year.

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USA is commonly referred to as the prime land for opportunity within the world. Given the size of the nation and the amount of thriving industries that operate within their borders, there is every reason to believe that this is perhaps the best place to move in order to achieve your long-term financial goals. Regular workers can earn up to AED 208,705 each year, whereas managers can obtain around AED 1,313,800.


Switzerland is currently the best location for anyone looking to earn the best salaries in the world. No matter what industry you work within, you will experience consistently strong financial reward for any work you put in throughout the year. Service professionals can earn almost double that compared to most other countries and management workers that can fetch an extortionate AED 1,484,660 each year.

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