How to Transfer Money Overseas Easily From Dubai |

How to Transfer Money Overseas Easily From Dubai

Now there's a smarter choice for money transfer thanks to UAE Exchange Online Money Transfer

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7 August 2018

Last updated on 3 September 2018
Transfer money abroad from Dubai and UAE

Do you regularly need to send money abroad from Dubai? But simply don't have the time to visit a physical location in person? Don't fret, as there's an easier, smarter option available.

Whether you are a stay at home mom or a working professional, finding the time to get things done is always a struggle. Thankfully, here in the UAE the online infrastructure is so advanced that anything and everything that you need to get on with everyday life can be accessed by the click of a button. Whether it is shopping online, getting your bills paid, grocery shopping or ordering food, you choose the smarter way of life to fulfill your daily and leisurely necessities because of the convenience it brings.

Thanks to UAE Exchange Online Money Transfer (OMT), you can now make the smarter choice with your money transfers and send money online too. Expats living in the UAE can now transfer money abroad from the comfort of their homes or workplace.

You can access it from anywhere and anytime you may want to send money. Whether you are taking a vacation or travelling to work, you can send money on the go, whenever the exchange rates favour you or when it is convenient to YOU.

With UAE Exchange's Online Money Transfer (OMT), sending money home has become quicker and easier and you also get the best exchange rates online at low transfer fees. Moreover, for some countries you can send money at zero transfer fees. So switch to UAE Exchange Online Money Transfer and make the smarter choice now.

The best part of using the UAE Exchange OMT service is that you can actually track your transfer till it reaches your beneficiary.

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How to send money home from the UAE online

To send money home or abroad from Dubai and the UAE online, all you have to do is head to UAE Exchange’s OMT here on your computer. If you have a mobile, you can UAE visit their site here or download the app for Android or iPhone.

If you’re already a UAE Exchange customer, you’ll need your customer number, mobile number and date of birth to sign-up. If you’re a new user, you’ll need to fill in all of your personal and contact details.

Anyone above the age of 21 years old who is a resident of the UAE can use the Online Money Transfer platform.

Once your account is set-up, you can then add and activate your beneficiary – be it your own account, or a family member.

There are three different payment options available to choose from:

  • Net Banking: you can make instant payments through your bank account online at no additional cost.
  • Wire Transfer: transfer funds from your bank account to UAE Exchange using Internet Transfer.
  • Direct Debit: using this option, you can authorise your bank to allow UAE Exchange to withdraw funds from your bank account on your instructions.

Once you have submitted your transaction, you can use the tracker tool to check the status of your transaction. Details can be retrieved by using your transaction reference number, or XPIN number.

There are maximum transaction limits daily and monthly. For full answers to your questions regarding amounts, click here.

Why choose UAE Exchange to transfer money from Dubai?

UAE Exchange has been institutional in providing remittance services to millions of customers over the last few decades. With the UAE Exchange Online Money Transfer, the bar has been raised for remittance services.

You not only get the convenience of money transfer at your fingertips, but you get great value as your money moves through safe and secure channels.

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