Helpful Advice and Guidance on Divorce in the UAE |

Helpful Advice and Guidance on Divorce in the UAE

Would you take advice from a friend on a medical condition?

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20 February 2017

Last updated on 2 May 2018
Helpful Advice and Guidance on Divorce in the UAE
Carol Alderson of Alderson and Associates recently experienced a situation whereby a female client of hers, having already received sound matrimonial advice from Carol, informed her that she had been advised by a third party, that she could undertake the divorce work herself and that any maintenance that would be paid to her for herself and/or her children would be subject to the UK Child Support Agency Guidelines and that, therefore, there was no further need for her to continue to instruct Alderson and Associates or any other Lawyer. When questioned which lawyer had given her this advice, she replied that her friends had informed her of same. 
In the first instance, it is important to recognise that as Lawyers, practiced and experienced in both procedures for divorce in the UK and the UAE, we have to give consideration to a number of factors relating to your particular circumstances and those factors are part and parcel and the ongoing training that, as Lawyers, we receive from time to time. Laws change in all countries and it is our duty to try and keep abreast of those changes. Working, as we do, in the UK courts daily, we are able to instantly recognise the problems that are encountered from one case to another.

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When pushed for an answer for the justification of the comments, the client said that her friends had been able to undertake their own work and that was the advice that was given to them. It is important to recognise that every case is different. Of course, procedures do not necessarily change that often but the circumstances surrounding your particular marriage, separation and divorce will be substantially different from those of your friends.  
Would you take, for instance, advice from a friend who exhibited similar symptoms to you and then medicate yourself accordingly? We don’t think so. It is for that reason, that your case is unique to your particular circumstances as well as those of your spouse and your children. Additionally, your financial circumstances, as a family will not be the same as those of your neighbour or friends. It is our job to advise you in accordance with your unique circumstances. Friends can of course, give you emotional support, as well as practical advice but beware of taking legal advice from those who are not properly qualified or experienced to give same. If everybody could deal with their own court actions, divorces, arbitrations etc, there would be no need for any lawyers in the world. We have a purpose and that purpose is to assist you and get through that court process as quickly and effectively as possible.

At Alderson & Associates, we offer a Legal Clinic every Wednesday morning for one hour. This is a free Consultation but this amount of time will give you invaluable advice, based on your personal set of circumstances. If you have any papers that we need to see, bring them with you. Obviously, the more information you can give to us beforehand, the better and concise the advice will be for your free hour.
You can always send a mail, setting out your circumstances and questions to [email protected] before the meeting which will then give more time for us to give you that initial advice.

We are here to help so take proper legal advice first.

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