Laws in the UAE: 5 Things That Can Get You in Trouble in the UAE |

Laws in the UAE: 5 Things That Can Get You in Trouble in the UAE

Be on the safe side of the law by marking and following these rules

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9 August 2018

Last updated on 9 August 2018
5 Things That Can Get You in Trouble in the UAE

Moving to a new country can come with its set of new rules and regulations that one needs to be aware of.

Living in a Muslim country as the UAE, most laws are easy to comprehend yet there are some that might not seem that obvious but it’s still best to be familiar with them.

1. Swearing or Cursing in WhatsApp Messages

Cursing or swearing is completely prohibited under the UAE law. It is also considered a crime to use the F-word in public which disgraces the honor and modesty of a person – this also includes sending someone the ‘middle finger’ emoji.

As part of the UAE’s cyber-crime laws, if a person is caught and convicted of carrying out such a crime he or she can face up to Dhs250,000 fine or imprisonment.

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5 Things That Can Get You in Trouble in the UAE

2. Sharing Photos of Accidents

For some, sharing photos of all aspects of their life is a norm but one needs to be aware of sharing photos of accidents, even if rubbernecking gets the best of you. It is illegal to take photos or videos of accidents and share them on social media,

If you are found guilty you can face life imprisonment, and a fine between Dhs50,000 and Dhs3 million, even deportation in some cases.

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5 Things That Can Get You in Trouble in the UAE

3. Checking Your Spouse’s Phone

It is illegal in the UAE to check your spouse’s phone or email or to invade his/her privacy in any matter.

“The UAE law on Combating Cyber Crime states in Article 2 that whoever gains excess to a website, an electronic information system, computer network or information technology means without authorization or in excess of authorization or unlawfully remains therein.”

This includes spying on your spouse. If found guilty of the crime, it can land you in jail for 3 years, as well as facing a fine between Dhs100,00 to Dhs300,000.

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5 Things That Can Get You in Trouble in the UAE

4. Taking Photos of Others without Their Consent

It’s generally better to ask someone’s permission before taking their photos and sharing it on social media. In Dubai taking photos of someone without their permission not only carries a hefty fine but an imprisonment sentence as well.

Under the UAE’s cyber-crime laws, a person guilty of this crime can face imprisonment up to six months and a fine up to Dhs500,000.

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5. Taking Photos of Planes and Restricted Areas

More than 2000 flights land in the UAE per day, which makes UAE a plane spotter’s paradise. But it’s illegal to take photos of planes as well as of any restricted areas. These could include airports, palaces, police stations and other government institutions.

If photos are taken illegally, without the concerned party’s permission or for the wrong reasons, all such offences are punishable under the UAE law. A person guilty of this crime can face up imprisonment up to 3 months and a fine up to Dhs5000.

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