Review: Laser Hair Removal at Elite Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Group |

Review: Laser Hair Removal at Elite Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Group

EW's Tory started her laser hair removal procedure at Elite Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Group and here's her first review...

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26 July 2017

Last updated on 1 October 2019
Review: Laser Hair Removal at Elite Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Group
Laser hair removal is a treatment that uses laser emission to target hair beneath the surface of the skin, to remove hair follicles, and eventually remove the targeted hair altogether. 
Ladies, what could be better than having permanently hairless, smooth legs, and not having the pain of waxing or the annoyance of shaving? I’m sure we’re all in agreement here, this routine wouldn’t be missed if we cut it out of our lives. After years of having the hassle of shaving my leg hair, I was very excited to have the opportunity to have laser hair removal sessions at Elite Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Group in Healthcare City. 

First impressions 

The clinic is very easy to find, with plenty of available parking both above and below ground. Situated on the 4th floor, their large glamorous entrance stands out from the other clinics, giving you a grand first impression. Through the doors, I was greeted by the gorgeous décor and Barbara - their friendly receptionist. Barbara provided me with health and safety forms to read and sign before proceeding with the treatment and offered me a drink whilst I waited. 
After filling in the forms I was greeted by the medical team member who was hosting the treatment session for me. I was then introduced to Dr Allen Rezai for an introduction to the treatment. I felt very comfortable with the process, and my first impressions were very professional and welcoming. 
Review: Laser Hair Removal at Elite Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Group
The treatment room was very clean and organised and I was introduced to the different types of laser machines they have available. For the laser to be successful, there are certain machines that are used for the patient’s skin type. 

The team at EPCSG examined my lower leg hair to determine which machine would most benefit the process. During the examination they were very clear about the health and safety precautions behind the treatment, explaining how the laser works and recommended four treatment sessions to get the desired results. The briefing session was very informative about the pre and post care of treatment, and they were happy to answer any of my questions. 

The patch test

After examination, the team proceeded with the patch test and explained that patients must wait at least 24 hours to assess if any reaction takes place. I was rather nervous at the time, but the team were very understanding and helped me feel confident about starting the test session. 
To start, she marked out small boxed areas with chalk and then proceeded to shave these sections. During the test session, the pain wasn’t as bad as I thought and only took a few minutes for completion.  

patch test laser hair removal review
When finished, she added some Aloe Vera gel to cool down the area and provided me with a pre and post care pack to take home. After the test session, I didn’t have any reactions to the treatment, and I received a check up call from the clinic a day later. I was happy to book my first session two days after the test, and I was asked to familiarise myself with the care pack before coming in. 

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My first session

Greeted once again by the friendly staff at EPCSG, I was eager to start my journey to hairless legs! A member of staff guided me into the treatment room and I was provided with a medical gown to wear during the procedure. 

Before starting, the team took me over the health and safety aspects of the treatment and asked me to sign a consent form before proceeding. They began by carefully shaving my lower legs and knees, provided me with UV protection glasses and marked out the target areas with chalk. 
Review: Laser Hair Removal at Elite Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Group
Starting off with my shins, she carefully made her way around each marked out areas, cooling it down with an air tube that blew cold air on my skin. This cool air really helped with regards to the minor discomfort during the procedure, and the overall session took roughly 45mins. My legs didn’t feel too painful straight after the session, and the addition of Aloe Vera gel really helped cool the areas down. 

Aftercare & results

An hour after the treatment my legs did feel slightly itchy, and I did have a very slight red rash appear – which went away the next day. I was instructed not to itch the affected areas and to avoid hot water on my legs for that evening. Before and after your treatment you’re instructed to avoid direct sun light, to reduce the risk of hyperpigmentation, burns or even scarring. 
24hrs after the treatment, my legs felt normal again and I decided to let the leg hair grow out to view the results. When the hair started to grow out I did see a fair amount falling out, leaving some areas completely hairless. 

I am very impressed with my first session results, although I didn’t expect to be completely hairless, I’m happy to see a positive result of the treatment!
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