Tips to Keep Your Skin Hydrated During Ramadan |

7 Essential Tips to Keep Your Skin Hydrated During Ramadan

Skincare experts at Avant Garde Beauty Centre offer tips on how you can your skin hydrated during the holy month of Ramadan

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7 May 2019

Last updated on 8 May 2019
How to Keep Your Skin Hydrated During Ramadan

Ramadan Kareem! Wishing you all a blessed Holy Month of Ramadan from Avant Garde Beauty Centre

One of the biggest challenges during Ramadan is staying hydrated during the day which affects not only our energy levels but also our skin and nails.

So here are some really simple tips to keep your skin feeling fresh and healthy during the Holy Month.

1. Control Your Caffeine Intake

While many of you may need caffeine to rev your engines, controlling your caffeine dose is great idea during the Holy Month. As is, caffeine is known to remove minerals in the body which would have twice the negative effect when you’re fasting.

2. Splurge on the Nuts

It’s the perfect snack for your skin. Not only does it give your body much needed energy, it helps rejuvenate and refresh skin with all its minerals, fatty acids, fibers and vitamins.

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3. No Sugar! We mean it!

You all obviously know the adverse effect sugar has on our bodies. And it is very tempting to indulge in a bit a sugar during Ramadan, we won’t deny it, is delicious. Sugar can weaken the immune system and can cause acne, inflammation and breakouts.

7 Essential Tips to Keep Your Skin Hydrated During Ramadan

4. Avoid the Harsh Sun

While it is impossible to avoid the sun in the Middle East, you can definitely pick and choose your times. Apply sun block when you head out. However, to really protect your skin, you need to apply a thick layer (atleast 1 teaspoon of sunblock) which almost impossible. Avoid sitting near windows and keep a bowl of water in every room to keep the moisture in the room intact.

5. You are What You Eat

Eat natural wholesome foods that are rich in minerals, vitamins and all the nutrients your body needs.

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6. Hydrate

We don’t need to tell you twice but really hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Splurge on water consumption when you can and moisturize your skin to maintain smooth, glowing healthy skin. You can add oils to your home routine to enrich your skin.

7. Beauty Treatments are your friends

Now this is our expertise – Enjoy a variety of special skin and beauty treatments at Avante Garde JLT that will make you feel like the queen you are.

We have exciting offers this Ramadan, all for you. We have exclusive facials infused with oxygen and many more relaxing treatments. We promise that you’ll love the AGBeauty experience.

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