Royal Retreat Spa | Review: Guinot Facial |

Royal Retreat Spa | Review: Guinot Facial

Guinot Facial at Royal Retreat Spa

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12 March 2017

Last updated on 30 January 2018
Royal Retreat Spa | Review: Guinot Facial

Sometimes, you never know what your skin wants till you just go ahead and do it. And EW's Melissa did just that!. Read below an account of her experience getting the Guinot Hydradermie Facial

As I walked through the doors at Royal Retreat Beauty and Spa, I was immediately transported to a Nefertitian era, the smell of scented candles brushing against my skin followed by the warm smiles of the attending staff at reception.

Since I was running late after a long, hard day at work, I realised I didn't take enough time to admire the venue, the paintings on the wall, the comfortable seating, and upon being offered a glass of well-deserved water, I noticed how serene this salon really was. 

Guinot Facial at Royal Retreat
I then met my therapist Wayan, a chirpy but well-composed lady from Bali who immediately put me at ease with her radiance and knowledge of the treatment. Gone are the days when facials were just about getting a scrub on and massaging your face with two or three types of creams. These days, facials have become more intrusive, more extravagant, and definitely more daunting (at least, for a newbie like me).

However, Wayan ensured that the Guinot Facial that I was going to receive would be none of that, yet giving me the result that I'd been yearning for - clear, glowing skin and lesser open pores! We started off by getting me out of my work clothes and into a comfy robe. We then sat down and filled up a brief questionnaire discussing my skin concerns, general health, habits and history (if any) related to skin and diet.

The diagnosis was then out - I would be getting the Guinot Hydradermie Facial - and I was immediately sold!


We started off by cleaning my face to rid it of make up, because who doesn't love a clean slate? Once my skin was cleaned, the therapist applied a toner all over my face, neck and décolletage. This was followed by a quick blot drying and exfoilation. Once my face was prepped for the Guinot Facial, Wayan started the treatment.
Guinot facial at Royal Retreat
The Guinot Hydradermie Facial uses the Double Ionisation technique which is recognised internationally as one of the most technoligically advanced facials. Using a rolling-ball-on-a-pin type of apparatus, the massage focuses on treating the client's personal concerns, which brings us to the next step - choosing the right serum.

During my pre-treatment analysis, I explained to Wayan that I felt like my skin was getting duller by the day - owing to work stress, dry winters and my nicotine addiction. She suggested that I go for the radiance serum that would brighten my skin from the 'inside' and I wasn't sure what she meant till we started the treatment! 

Once she applied the serum all over my face, she proceeded with running the diodes over my face in a slow and steady motion. Slightly tingly near the mouth area, the procedure is otherwise virtually painfree and feels nothing like it sounds! This process deep-settles the serum and deposits it well under the epidermis. 

The treatment is then followed up by removing excess serum, reapplying the toner and blot dry with a warm towel. The next bit involves oxygenation using a handy device that rids of your skin of bacteria and tightens your pores in the bargain. A win-win for all! 

Guinot Facial at Royal Retreat
To round up the treatment, I was given a gentle but effective massage on my face, décolletage and shoulders that extended well on to my finger tips! This was done while a mask was applied to my face - so I can safely say that the spa is very efficient with time management and don't just leave you out there to dry, literally!

By the time it was time to remove my mask, I was well-rested and already felt a lot younger! To finish this off, Wayan then applied a brightening moisturiser which smelled great and felt even better on my skin! 


Royal Retreat Beauty and Spa is located on the buzzing 'beauty district' of Dubai - Al Wasl. It is an independent villa that's dedicated to beauty with 2 floors of sprawling space for hair, make up, spa and facial treatments. Run by women, this spa is a tranquil setting for when you just want to unwind from daily life and feel pampered! 
Guinot Facial at Royal Retreat


Running short of 2 hours, the Double Ionisation Hydradermie facial will set you back by AED 550, but is worth the spend considering skin looks bright and fresh for weeks to come. Available at Royal Retreat Beauty and Spa, by appointment only. To book your session, please call 04 344 2540.