Review: Relaxing Candle Massage at Royal Retreat Spa |

Review: Relaxing Candle Massage at Royal Retreat Spa

What's better than a relaxing massage at the end of the day? A massage using melted wax! Read more below...

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10 August 2017

Last updated on 22 May 2018
Review: Relaxing Candle Massage at Royal Retreat Spa

As I made my way into the spa, I was greeted by the lovely reception staff at Royal Retreat, which is tucked away in a green, shaded lane in Al Wasl, away from the hustle and bustle of Dubai.

I was immediately asked to fill in a customer health record form, which outlines my history with massage therapies, my preferences, any ailments my therapist should be aware of and so forth. This added a nice little touch to my impending treatment, as I could rest assured that my sore upper back would be well looked after! 

Since the treatment I opted for was the Candle Wax massage, I was ushered to a wall cabinet that contained all the different wax 'flavours' I could try. I was spoilt for choice with options ranging from relaxing to muscle soothing, to even sensual and energising! Having driven straight from work - I chose energising. 

Candles at Royal Retreat spa

While my therapist Wayan was setting up my room for the massage, she lit the candle and let its aroma fill up the room. As I changed into a robe and made my way into the room, I was immediately transported to a spa in Bali, with wooden walls, a floor bed, candles and the sweet scent of lemongrass. 

The massage in itself is a combination of traditional Thai and aromatherapy techniques. Although you're free to choose the style of massage you want, I left it up to my therapist to give me a combination massage of what she thought would be the best for my body. 

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The hot wax, although intimidating at first, quickly becomes comfortable as the masseuse rubs it on your skin. She's also careful to first pour it over her hands so as to not startle you, especially in sensitive areas. The smell is divine, and fills up the entire room! Royal Retreat Spa provides the perfect ambience for the treatment, with ambient music, water fountains and candle lit buddhas, creating an atmosphere of zen and calm. 

Ambience at Royal Retreat spa

The best part about the candle wax is that it leaves zero residue, as almost 100% of the wax is made up of essential oils, and is parabens and cruelty-free. The Orli range of candles used are handmade in Scotland and come in hygienic packaging, so you never have to worry about it being reused or going bad. 

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Give it a go if you're in the mood for a massage that will relax and invigorate you at the same time. It makes for a great present and might be something worth exploring with your significant other too! 

Royal Retreat Spa candle massage

The candle wax massage at Royal Retreat Spa can be booked by contacting them on 04 344 2540