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11 Things to Make Staying Indoors All Summer That Little Bit Better

When the mercury is 45 degrees and over, we'd rather not step outside

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8 July 2019

Last updated on 8 July 2019
Items to help staying indoors fun

When it's too hot to handle outside, our options for entertainment are somewhat limited.

After all, there's only so many times you can walk laps around Mall of the Emirates on a weekend. We've already seen all the new movie releases currently showing.

We could head to brunch - but that every weekend is a good way to empty our purses. And honestly, we've already scoured ASOS and Amazon for a good few hours each night whilst binge-watching Stranger Things 3.

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So what's left to do for those of us who really can't stand more than 10 minutes laid by the pool or at the beach?

Well, summer in Dubai is undoubtedly unbearable - but the season does offer prime opportunity to enjoy things to do indoors that you might not normally consider when it's fine outside.

To give you inspiration, here are some great boredom-busting items to buy online that are perfect for when you're trapped indoors...

A book filled with kirigami models that you can cut and fold and stick together to create little buildings and iconic landmarks.

Buy it now on, AED 89.41

Embossed rolling pins with musical notes or love hearts on to make give your next baking session a little character.

Buy them now on, AED 69.58

A hand embroidery starter kit with 50 rainbow colour stitches and tools - including hoops and a magic pen - to help you learn the art of stitching.

Buy it now on, AED 58.89

This block printing kit by Speedball to help you master the art of block printing and make oustanding limited-edition prints for yourself, home or loved ones.

Buy one now on, AED 161.44

An adult colouring book was always going to make this list - and this beautiful one is a great way to fill time as you complete colourful mandalas.

Buy it now on, AED 47.57

Yoga lover? Complete your routine on this plush, all-purpose extra thick yoga mat in purple so you can stretch and balance in the comfort of your own home.

Buy it now on, AED 22.49

Create delicious smelling handcrafted soaps with this all-natural soapmaking guide and make the perfect gifts for loved ones.

Buy it now on, AED 57.08

Pinch of Nom is the #1 slimming food book that has recently taken the UK by storm - and now you can buy it for yourself. Master home-style recipes with this recipe book this summer.

Who says you need a summer bod, anyway? Buy it now on, AED 87.76

Another book for your bookshelf - Mrs Hinch's Hinch Yourself Happy, which comes complete with cleaning tips to shine your sink and soothe your soul.

Buy it now on, AED 72.24

We couldn't make an indoor activities list and not include Twister? A great game and fun for the whole family!

Buy it now on, AED 27

Lastly, a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle of Van Gogh's Starry Night that's bound to keep you busy for a few evenings.

Buy it now on, AED 35.08

We do hope you love what we suggest. But just so you know, we collect a share of compensation from the links on this page. Prices are accurate and in stock at the time of publication.



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