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12 Last Minute Father's Day Gifts Dad Will Love

And make you appear really thoughtful...

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12 June 2019

Last updated on 21 June 2019
Last minute Father's Day gifts in Dubai

It's a day to show Dad just how much you love him.

Father's Day is almost upon us. Happening on June 21st, Dads both in the UAE and beyond will be celebrated by their families. But if, for whatever reason, you're a little late in arranging a present... Don't panic! We've hand-picked 12 last minute gifts (with free next-day delivery) that we're sure your Dad or your husband will really love this Father's Day.

1. An essential oil diffuser

This diffuser in wood grain will look great on his desk at work AND keep his air smelling nice. Especially handy nowadays as we're all spending our lives in constant air conditioning thanks to summer.

Buy it now from Amazon.ae, AED 55.84

2. An all-in-one trimmer

This all-in-one trimmer will help your Dad achieve even trimming, perfectly groomed hair and a shave almost as close as the time you left to find a gift.

Buy it now from Amazon.ae, AED 209

3. A stainless steel travel mug

Designed to give the perfect pick-me-up on the go, this stainless steel travel mug will look sleek, stylish in the palms of your Pa. Plus, it's 100% leakproof and super easy to use so he'll no doubt love the practicality of carrying is coffee wherever he goes. Plus, it encourages him to use less plastic - bonus.

Buy it now on Amazon.ae, AED 70.58

4. Noise-cancelling headphones

Go on, treat him! He might not be able to arrange a literal break for himself - you know, a holiday... - but these noise-cancelling headphones will certainly help him feel like he's enjoying a break from the world when he shuts everyone out whilst listening to his favourite tunes.

Buy them today from Amazon.ae, AED 1,083.59

5. A pizza stone

Gift Dad with something the whole family can enjoy (selfishly) with this professional pizza stone set. The set is complete with a 13 inch diameter ceramic pizza stone, a steel lifting and a serving rack and pizza cutter. It can be used to make pizza, and even bread, biscuits, muffins and pies.

Buy it today on Amazon.ae, AED 78

6. A pressure washer

Gift a powerful man with a powerful tool this Father's Day, with this Black and Decker Pressure Washer. It helps clean dirt and dust from cars, driveways, garage floors etc. We're sure you can agree, that it's a tool definitely needed whilst living in Dubai.

Buy it now on Amazon.ae, AED 209

7. A foot massager

Help Dad take the pressure of his feet after a long day with this SkyLand foot massager. Designed to help increase joint mobility and relax the body quickly, this gift is a great one to help Dad unwind.

Buy it now on Amazon.ae, AED 176

8. The greatest collection of Dad jokes

Satisfy your Pa's craving for funny (and some not-so-funny) jokes with this book of the World's Greatest Collection of Dad Jokes. With categories such as Silly Kids, All Puns All The Time, One-Liners and Love & Marriage, this gift is sure to humour the man in your life this Father's Day - take care though, it might come back to bite you in the behind at your next party.

Buy it now on Amazon.ae, AED 34.44

9. A slim wallet and money clip

Gone are the days of bulky wallets, sticking out of a man's back pocket. Today, it's all about slim wallets and money clips like this one - complete with RFID blocking! So your Dad can be sure his money is protected both physically and electronically.

Buy it now on Amazon.ae, AED 39

10. Vinyl record player

Change the way your Dad listens to music with this vinyl record player. With built-in twin stereo speakers, variable speed control and compatibility with almost all external speakers, this gift provides an immersive listening experience.

Buy it today on Amazon.ae, AED 367.98

11. Wireless phone charger

For a Dad who's constantly connected, the risk of losing battery life is no doubt a thought too difficult to bear. Which is why this multi-function wireless charging mouse pad for his desktop is the best gift for him this Father's Day - and it's compatible with iPhone, Samsung, Huawei, and other smartphones.

Buy it now on Amazon.ae, AED 39

Last minute gifts for Father's Day

12. Pizza socks

Two of man's favourite things combined - pizza, and socks!? These funny, novelty socks come in a pizza box and are sure to be an original gift this Father's Day for Dad.

Buy it today on Amazon.ae, AED 79

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