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13 Best Products to Help Reduce Your Footprint

Want to start living a more environmentally friendly lifestyle? we've got some products to get you started.

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22 May 2019

Last updated on 22 May 2019
Jazz-Inaya Hamilton at ExpatWoman
by Jazz-Inaya Hamilton

It’s no secret that serious and permeant changes are happening to our planet as we speak.

Every little thing you do such makes a difference and even the smallest of changes in your day to day routine can make an impact.

With more and more eco-friendly products being produced, it’s easier than ever to live a sustainable life. To help you get started, here are the best products that we've chosen that will help you do your part in helping our planet.

Metal Straws

Something so simple as not using a plastic straw every you have a drink, whether at home or at a restaurant, can make a bigger difference than you think. Here are two metal straw options. One is even collapsible, making it super convenient to take everywhere you go.

Volwco Collapsible Straws Reusable

AED 52.58

Stainless Steel Straws FDA Approval

AED 40.29

Bamboo Straws

Not a fan of metal straws, don’t worry, these bamboo straws are reusable too.

2 sets reusable bamboo straws

AED 29


Having a family sushi night? Ask for no chopsticks, instead use these reusable ones.

8 Pairs 304 Stainless Steel Chopsticks

AED 55

Reusable Shopping Bags

Say no to plastic bags! Knowing that you own these two products will help you do that with ease. Reusable produce and shopping bags will assist you in doing your part in making the earth cleaner.

Reusable Produce Bags

AED 47.30

4PCS Reusable Grocery Shopping Cart Trolley Bags

AED 65

Throw Away Cutlery

Goodbye to the days where you use or serve food with one-time use plastic cutlery. Hello to wooden cutlery! Also, now that you have more eco-friendly cutlery, why not use throw away eco-friendly straws too!

Perfect Stix Wooden Cutlery Combo Kit (Pack of 400)

AED 83.14

Yellow Stripes Environment Friendly Paper Straws

AED 39.90

Glass Containers

Glass containers, while being better for the environment, are also better for your health! Here is the perfect set to start your transition from plastic to glass.

Glass Container Set

AED 49.48

Bamboo Toothbrush

Millions of toothbrushes end up in landfills every year, and because of the materials they are commonly made out of (polypropylene plastic and nylon) they practicality can’t break down. Which is why bamboo toothbrushes are becoming more and more popular around the world.

Bamboo Toothbrush

AED 19

Razor Blades

Disposable razors, like toothbrushes, pile up in landfills. We have found a solution, although more expensive than disposable razors, one of these will last you a lot longer.

Vikings Razor Blade

AED 267.16

Solar Power Phone Charger

With summer pretty much being upon us, why not make use of those rays! This power bank can charge your electronics on solar power alone, the best part is that it’s also water resistant. Which makes it perfect for beach days.

Waterproof Panel Power Bank Dual USB

AED 99

Shower Timer

Want to reduce water consumption in your house? taking shorter showers is an obvious solution and having a shower timer in there with you, can help with that!

3Min Mini Hourglass for Shower

AED 39.99