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17 Things to Buy to Keep Warm in the Office

Mix a Dubai summer with an air-conditioned office and you're left feeling chilly ALL the time

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18 June 2019

Last updated on 20 June 2019
Products to keep you warm at the office

Help cure cold hands, frozen feet, and chills when these gadgets and accessories designed to heat you up.

Dubai's summer has officially arrived and with 90% humidity and temperatures of 45°C outside, there's one thing we're ALL feeling - absolutely freezing inside.

It might be scorching outside, but we all know that once this season begins, battles over the air-conditioning controls commence at home, in the car, and in the office.

This goes out to all of you who carry a jacket to work with you, and then wear it in the office; the HR managers dealing with employee disputes over temperatures; the employee who violated the fire code by having a space heater plugged into the mains under their desk (you know who you are).

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You're probably fairly sedentary at work, too, which means your metabolism is likely sluggish and your muscles aren't working hard - thus, your body heat is comparably less than when you're up and moving about.

As a result, you're left feeling ice cold at work - despite the hot weather outside. To help you keep warm at work, stash these items in and around your desk to end your all-day shivering in the A/C.

1. Blanket with sleeves

To help keep you warm at your desk, whilst feeling regal and elegant. Keep it neatly folder in your cupboard when you're not using it.
AED 149

2. Zip-up hoodie

This nice and snug zip-up hoodie is perfect to throw over your outfit when you need to quickly warm up - can be hung on the back of your chair when it's not needed.
AED 138

3. Long, finger-less gloves

Not only do they keep your hands warm whilst you're able to still work, but these long, finger-less clothes also act as arm warmers that you can stretch to your elbow to increased protection from the cold.
AED 173

4. Novelty penguin socks

AED 49.99

5. Plush unicorn slippers for a bit o' magic under your desk

For some magic under your desk, treat yourself to these novelty unicorn slippers. But do remember to remove them before leaving your desk - or else risk confused looks while walking through the office.
AED 49

6. Stainless steel Corkcicle tumbler

This handy tumbler might not seem like much - but it can keep your hot cup o' Joe warm for up to THREE hours. That means access to your favourite hot beverage for much longer on a morning.
AED 139.79

7. Oversized sweater

Stylish and practical, this oversized sweater by French Connection is great for throwing over your dress or blouse whilst sat at your desk. You might want to remove it before leaving the office, though.
AED 260

8. A portable heater

Heaters plugged into the mains are no doubt a no-go in your office, but this cute, bear-shaped desktop heater shouldn't receive any frowns as it's small enough to warm only your space up. It's portable, too, so you can keep warm as you pop to the loo.
AED 39.99

9. A portable, heated blanket

If a blanket just isn't warming you up enough, opt for this portable, heated blanket that you can wear over your legs when sat down.
AED 85.06

10. ...or a large, faux fur blanket

For extra comfort - or if you find a heated blanket TOO hot - opt for a blanket like this large faux fur one. Easily foldable for storage, too.
AED 130

11. A hand-warming mouse pad shaped

It's shaped like the cutest kitty - why wouldn't you want this keeping you company at your desk? Complete with a wrist-support, this pussy cat is here to make sure your hand is kept warm and comfortable at all time.
AED 61.49

12. Microwaveable hot water bottle

Cute, compact and as soft as a baby's skin! This easily microwaveable hot water bottle is extremely handy to keep on your lap if you want heat without being too obvious. Easy to sneak into your Sunday morning meetings, too.
AED 170.90

13. A tiny USB hand warmer

This teeny, tiny hand warmer is powered by USB - so is the ultimate accessory to keep in your purse or in your desk drawer to help make sure you have instant access to heat whenever you need it.
AED 55.99

14. Neck and shoulder heating pad

There's a theme here, isn't there? This heated neck and shoulder pad would be ideal if you find yourself tensing at your desk in the cold. Relax, warm up and concentrate on the task at hand - and don't be embarrassed to wear it. Needs must.
AED 449

15. Black scarf

This black scarf by Pull & Bear is great to add some extra warmth to your outfit, without ruining your look. It can also be worn during meetings - without getting strange looks in the middle of summer.
AED 59

16. Mug warmer

Designed to automatically shut off after 8 hours, this mug warmer is perfect to keep your cup of coffee or tea warm at your desk throughout the day.
AED 69

17. Powered heated insoles

Perhaps the strangest item on this list, these powered heated insoles can be slipped into your shoes under your desk whilst you work.
AED 41.99

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