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Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Couples That They Will Both Love

16 of the best couples Christmas gifts that belong in your shopping cart this year

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11 November 2019

Last updated on 13 November 2019
Clarice Awa at ExpatWoman
by Clarice Awa
Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Couples That They Will Both Love

It's the most shoppable time of the year!

By now, you've probably started eyeing gift ideas in the shopping malls, kept a few items pending in your online cart, or even have several tabs hidden incognito on your browser with things you hope your friends and loved ones will like.

Finding the perfect Christmas gift can be tricky, and that might double if you're buying Christmas gifts for couples - that's twice the thinking!

What do you gift a couple when you need to appeal to both of them, especially if they just got married and already received most of what they want from their registry.

To guarantee a great reaction when the couple unwraps their Christmas gift, we've rounded up a few fun holiday gift ideas that any couple will love.

From matching tees to His & Hers cotton robes, these couples Christmas gifts will be a hit for the lovebirds this festive season.

1. Let's kick off with a pair of lovebirds socks for the lovebirds in your life.

2. A deluxe combo of shirts so they can match with the one who stole a pizza their heart.

3. This cookbook for two is perfect for the couple learning their way through the kitchen together.

4. Make a toast to their love with a Yours & Mine crystal wine glass set.

5. This incredibly soft and cozy faux fur throw blanket has room for two, perfect for a Netflix and chill night.

6. Any couple who cares about their furniture will appreciate these eco-friendly bamboo coasters with a very important message.

7. For the couple who loves to work out and stay active together, gift them a matching pair of smart watches that can help them keep track of their fitness or sports routine and monitor their heartbeat. Available in six colours.

8. A set of comfortable big spoon and little spoon pillowcases for the couple who just loves to sleep.

9. This Christmas, give the couple a checklist of reasons why they love each other, as a cute reminder.

10. A millennial edition of the classic Monopoly game, perfect for game nights.

Amazon review: "As a non-millenial, I found this game to be hilarious and spot on! It is in no way challenging and the fact you only start with $100 is awesome! It’s worth buying for a laugh!"

11. Make their drives way more pleasant with this handy car seat organizer which allows them to conveniently reach for everything they need. Comes with pockets for umbrellas, tissue boxes, water bottles, and more.

12. For the married lovebirds who love to fly around the world, they'll be thankful for these wooden Mr & Mrs luggage tags.

13. Ideal for the music-loving or traveling couple, the two-way audio splitting adapter allows them to listen to their favourite tracks together at their individual preferred volume, or watch the same movie while flying on air.

14. Treat the couple to a soothing, antioxident facial refresh with these blueberry and strawberry-infused beauty face masks.

15. Made from soft cotton fabric, the happy couple can wrap up with these matching kimono robes that are lightweight and perfect after a shower, a dip in the pool, a soak in a hot tub.

16. Finally, a five-piece set of travel luggages for the couple's next great adventure. If they're travelling this Christmas, they're sure to appreciate it more.

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