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Best Halloween Costumes You Can Buy on Amazon

Need some Halloween inspiration? We've got your best costumes on Amazon by picking the top 16 looks

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15 October 2019

Last updated on 15 October 2019
Clarice Awa at ExpatWoman
by Clarice Awa
Best Halloween Costumes You Can Buy on Amazon

With less than three weeks to go until Halloween this year in the UAE...

Have you decided what you'll be wearing for what is the best holiday of the year? You get to be as spooky, boring, weird, and funny as you want, and it totally fits the occasion. If you haven't picked your costume yet, Amazon rounded up the spookiest and most fun selection of costumes.

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We took care of all the hocus pocus of scrolling through the many, many Halloween outfits on offer by selecting the very best.

Here are 16 of the best costume picks from for 2019.

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1.) Wonder Woman

She's a Halloween classic, and this one from Amazon is has been highly praised by over 110 verified reviews for its great quality and close resemblance to outfit worn in the 2017 movie adaptation.

Available on Amazon for AED 135.51

2.) Elvira Mistress Of The Dark

Channel the cult-classic comedy-horror protagonist, the TV hostess Elvira!

Trusted Amazon review: "Usually I hate costumes because most of the time they are cheap and do not fit nor flatter me at all., but I was pleasantly surprised by this one. It is well made and the small fits me perfectly. I am petite (Right at 5 ft) and I have curves, but the small wasn't too tight at all."

Available on Amazon for AED 180.10

3.) Darth Vader

Perfect for the Star Wars fans in the UAE - this Darth Vader costume also comes with molded armour plates, attached cape for those villainous vibes, belt, and the iconic mask. Beyond Halloween, it makes a fantastic look for the next year's May 4th or any other themed occasions.

Trusted Amazon review: "AMAZING! I absolutely LOVED this costume! I am a curvy 5'8" and flux between 148 and 155. I ordered a Medium and it fit like a dream (note: this costume is a bodysuit, so it is meant to be form fitted. If you like things more baggy, don't purchase this costume). I also liked that the bodysuit zipped up in the back rather than using the typical Velcro closures."

Available on Amazon for AED 158.83

4.) Top Gun Flight Suit

This Halloween outfit took our breath away - for fans of the 1980s action drama series "Top Gun", this is the one for you!

Trusted Amazon review: "Incredible costume, much better than Halloween store! I was worried about the fit, no need. It fit perfectly (with Spanx) I'm 5'6, 160 lbs, 36D. It felt great with some stretch to the material. It is sexy while having your body parts covered and you can unzip the zipper however low you'd like. :-D Aviators are a must! I wore brown boots, but black would look good too! I even won a contest. Mine came with both patches, I was Maverick. Fast shipping too!"

Available on Amazon for AED 202

5.) Captain Marvel

If you're a big Marvel fan, why not opt for this gorgeous Captain Marvel costume. The outfit's comic book-esque design will look as though you stepped right out of the 2D world for Halloween.

Available on Amazon from AED 185.53

6.) Shark

For a more casual, relaxed, and fun Halloween costume - there's nothing comfier than a onesie. Plenty scary, too, considering how scared people are of sharks.

Outside of Halloween, you can dress like a shark while lounging at home, wear it to other casual occasions, or use it to sing and dance to "Baby Shark" like this user below...

Trusted Amazon review: "Great for singing baby shark in, this product came on time and I had no problems with the quality of the product. I would purchase it again if I needed to and I would recommend it to a friend who needed a shark suit to sing baby shark in. 10/10"

Available on Amazon for AED 135

7.) Hooded dress

You can't go wrong with a classic dark outfit and dramatic cloak - are you a witch? A gothic Red Riding Hood? The Grim Reaper but with a stunning makeup look? We'll leave it to your imagination.

Trusted Amazon review: "Love it!!! It's perfect! Together with a wig and the makeup, many didn't recognize me. lol By the way the gloves were included!"

Available on Amazon for AED 139.59

8.) Star Trek

Ask any Star Trek fan and they'll know the red uniforms belong to the engineering/communications division, including chief engineer Scotty ("Beam me up, Scotty!") and communications officer Uhura. Wear the rank with pride this Halloween with this true-to-the-original uniform.

Available on Amazon for AED 148.48

Alternatively, have a look at the blue uniform for AED 93.24

9.) 1920s Flapper

Ever seen the film "The Great Gatsby"? Celebrations during the 1920s were an extravagant, explosive affair. For this Halloween, party like you've been celebrating with Gatsby himself with Amazon's tattered, zombie flapper outfit.

Available on Amazon from AED 65.66

10.) Pink Lady

A great dupe for the "Pink Ladies" jacket from the iconic Broadway musical and movie "Grease".

Available on Amazon for AED 85

11. Handmaid

Halloween is all about things that are spooky and scary. We can all agree that the "The Handmaid's Tale", a post-apocalyptic series set in in a rigid environment, is scarier than a horror movie. Planning on going as Handmaid this year? Check out this 4-star rated red cloak from Amazon!

Trusted Amazon review: "Perfect Handmaid cloak! This fits perfect! I’m assuming the people who complain about the sizing did not take the time to measure themselves. It’s true to the sizing that the guide indicates. This is a red cloak, a bit brighter than the color used on the show, but it is very well-made and it looks great! I can’t wait to wear this for Halloween[...]"

Available on Amazon for AED 134.43

12.) Mermaid

Make those mermaid dreams come true for Halloween with this lovely, shimmering mermaid tail. Dress up as the iconic Princess Ariel or take your own spin on the mermaid look.

Trusted Amazon review: "Looks like pic and I can move in it. Love the way it fits! This tail skirt is great! It is just like the picture and is more comfortable than I expected. It's kinda stretchy so I can walk around just fine. It also has a zipper on one side. I am 5' 7.5" tall and around 200lbs and I ordered the 2x just in case, it has some room so if you want a more form fitting skirt I could have fit in a XL. I'm using it for my mermaid Halloween costume once I get my seashell bra made!"

Available on Amazon from AED 107

13.) Marge Simpson

One of the coolest moms on animated television, we love her for her salt-of-the-earth character and famous voice. Add this Marge Simpson dress, beaded red necklace, and synthetic blue wig to your shopping cart and rock this costume for Halloween.

Trusted Amazon review: "Awesome outfit. Very comfortable. Received a lot of compliments and laughs."

Available on Amazon for AED 186.38

14.) Where's Wally?

Wally's usually difficult to spot, but in a sea of spooky Halloween costumes, you won't be hard to miss! Complete the look with a pair of jeans or a skirt and a red striped beanie.

Available on Amazon for AED 67.24

15.) Ghostbuster

It's Halloween - there's no better time to call everyone's favourite, trusty ghoul and ghost-busting professionals. Surrounded by other ghosts, monsters, and whatever else is strange in the neighbourhood, expect to be called on quite frequently for Halloween photos.

Available on Amazon for AED 76.83

16.) Pirate

Go searching for treasures and other fun goodies this Halloween as a female twist on Captain Jack Sparrow. This well-reviewed piece includes a tunic with attached jacket, faux fur tail and sash, two belts with attached buckles, leggings, and headwrap.

Trusted Amazon review: "Ahoy Mateys! set sail with this cute Captain Jack Sparrow costume. Very cute. Design on the fabric of the jacket is silk screened on a white background, but it still looks good. Both jacket & tights are a bit looser than expected but better loose than too tight! You may have to put some darts in the jacket to make it fit like the model in the picture (I'm 5'7 and 60kg). Not bad quality for the price."

Available on Amazon for AED 145.72

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