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Everyone in Dubai Needs This Accessory in Their Life

We've found the coolest thing that will help you keep cool and survive Dubai's summer heat

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24 June 2019

Last updated on 24 June 2019

Did you see the news? It's hot outside.

It must be feeling hot and humid out there because the Dubai summer memes have started to fill our timelines.

That, and the fact all outdoor activity between the hours of 10am and 7pm has halted around communities, our poor dogs are panting during their (early and late) walks, the kids' hair is sticking to their foreheads and we're all left with sweat marks in places we'd rather not admit.

Thankfully - we have online shopping to turn to in our summer of need. More specifically, and their abundance of fantastic, quirky gadgets that has now become available to us in the country.

We've already talked about the coolest gadgets to keep you cool this summer, but right now, we'd like to give some love and attention to one accessory we think everyone should have to hand this summer.

And that's the hanging neck fan.

Hanging neck fan on in Dubai

Buy it now on, AED 63

Not only is it super stylish - obviously - but its ergonomic design is super compact and is the perfect size to carry in your handbag.

Owners of this convenient personal fan will have instant access to cool air thanks to the gadget's intelligent and smooth wind speed control. Plus, it comes in all different colours so you can outfit match.

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It weighs no more than 160g, and is portable and space-saving. It's also equipped with a micro USB interface, so can be charged while you're in the car or at your desk.

Lastly, the hanging neck fan also with a 1 year warranty so you can be sure that you'll have a source of cool air at all times throughout the summer.

Still not convinced? Here's a review video from YouTube...

If you don't buy one for yourself, admit it - this would make a GREAT gift for a friend or family member who also lives in a climate that feels like an oven.

It seems that it's not just beauty products we have to be thankful for from Korea!

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