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These Halloween Costumes for Pets Are SO Scary

(and by scary we mean suuuper adorable)

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11 September 2019

Last updated on 11 September 2019
Halloween costumes for pets in Dubai and UAE

All good boys deserve to win the top prize for best costume for October 31...

Halloween season is upon us, and for fur-parents everywhere that only means one thing - the chance to dress up our pets as really scary monsters in honour of the holiday.

We dress-up for parties and trick-or-treating, so it's only fair we include our furry family members in the spooky traditions that come with All Hallow's Eve.

To help you find the best and most scary Halloween costume for your dog or cat in Dubai, we've rounded up some of the goriest ones we can find on Amazon.ae that deliver here...

Like this REALLY scary skeleton hoodie sweater that makes our bones rattle in fear!

Skeleton Halloween costume for dogs

Buy yours now, AED 49.55 plus shipping

These wickedly black bat wings that will TERRIFY and startle any grown adult as they zoom towards you.

Bat wing halloween costume for pets

Buy yours now, AED 28.76 plus shipping

This roarsome lion mane to turn any friendly pup into a terrifyingly FIERCE (and super scary!!) lion - we'll definitely be running in the opposite direction...

Lion mane for pets

Buy yours now, AED 41.35 plus shipping

And this incredibly creepy witch outfit that brings back all sorts of Hocus Pocus nightmares... We just hope they don't cast a spell on us! HELP!

Witch costume for pets

Buy yours now, AED 43.69

What about these super, SUPER scary spider legs that will turn your adorable pup into an eight-legged freak!?

Spider costume for pets

Buy yours now, AED 65

Or this rider costume that will have you running for the hills when you're face-to-face with the angry cowboy who wants your LIFE.

Cowboy rider costume for dogs

Buy yours now, AED 119.61 plus shipping

There's even a Triceratops costume for pets that is bound to make you shudder and CRYYY as they charge at you full-speed.

Triceratops dinosaur costume for dogs

Buy yours now, AED 60.15 plus shipping

And lastly, this horrible muzzle with HUGE, bloody, scary teeth that will definitely get a fright out of you!!

SpookyPup halloween muzzle

Buy yours now, AED 494

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