How to Make Cold Brewed Coffee at Home |

How to Make Cold Brewed Coffee at Home

Ice up your summer season finale with your very own, homemade cold brew coffee

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5 September 2018

RAW Coffee Dubai: How to Make Cold Brewed Coffee at Home

A hot day in Dubai calls for a cold brew coffee –that’s naturally sweet and so easy to make you can do it in the comfort of your own home.

Coffee lovers take note; making cold brew coffee at home is super simple, fun and requires very little investment. Here’s how it works…

All you need to do is extract yum coffee in room temperature water, and then refrigerate it –of course! Cold brewed coffee lasts for two weeks in the fridge and takes barely any time at all to make –well aside from waiting for the coffee to chill for half a day, but it’s totally worth the wait, we promise!

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Experimenting with funky recipes is where the fun is, but more on that soon. Before we get to the “How To”, here are a few things to remember:


The flavour of the cold brew coffee will depend on the coffee you use. It’s all about knowing where the coffee originates from and how it’s processed. We personally recommend using RAW Coffee's washed process Ethiopian Kochere.

Note! Cold brew coffee generally yields a smooth, sweet, floral concentrate, so if you’re not sure what bean to bag, keep these few flavour notes in mind and ask your trusted Barista at RAW for a little guidance.

RAW Coffee, Cold Brew Coffee


Size does matter, so don’t forget to get the grind size right. The coffee needs to be a coarse sand size, ground for a French Press.


As mentioned earlier, this method likes the in between, so don’t go too hot or too cold, room temperature is just perfect. Finally, quantity and time makes a difference, so keep an eye on the ratio and the time you soak the coffee in the water.

Now that that’s out of the way, lets get brewing!

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Cold Brew Recipe Using a Toddy

What you will need:

1. One 2.2L Toddy Unit (comes with a Glass Storage Bottle, Bung and Filter)

2. 450g freshly roasted coffee, grind size (French Press)

3. 2.2L of room temperature water


  • Insert Toddy bung in the bottom of the unit (so you can pull it out from the bottom once the coffee is done extracting) and then insert the clean, moist filter.
  • Pour 100ml of water in the bottom of the Toddy.
  • Add 225g of ground coffee.
  • Pour 1,050ml of water, gently soaking all the coffee grounds.
  • Add 225g of the remaining coffee.
  • Pour the remaining water, ensuring all the coffee grounds are fully immersed.
  • Let it steep for 12 to 18 hours.
  • Remove bung and drain concentrate into the clean storage unit, you can dilute it with water if
  • needed and then refrigerate.


CLICK HERE: For the printable version of RAW’s Cold Brew recipe

RAW Coffee, Cold Brew Coffee 2

If brewing isn't for you…

If brewing coffee is just not your style and you prefer a quick grab instead then check out our awesome liquid cold brew, Rocket Fuel.

To know more about Rock Fuel, click here.

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