Make Going Back To School Easier and Order from Livefreshr |

Make Going Back To School Easier and Order from Livefreshr

Busy parents in Dubai –take off some pressure and let Livefreshr handle dinner!

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5 September 2018

Back To School in Dubai with Livefreshr

Let the chaos of back to school commence! With children in Dubai starting the new school year, parents are busier than ever as we have a solution to help families ease into the new term.

Whether it’s meal-planning, lunch boxes or food deliveries to your home, ordering from Livefreshr in Dubai can make life easier for parents during this hectic time.

Livefreshr simplifies life for busy mums and dads by efficiently delivering fresh produce straight to your door. They provide a variety of easy to cook recipes for healthy, yet tasty meals that the whole family will enjoy.

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Livefreshr organise everything from portion sizes to choosing ingredients full of goodness, which lightens the pressure on parents –as you can worry about homework instead!

Nutritious meals the kids will enjoy

Parents are faced with the daily struggle of cooking a meal that their child will be happy to eat, with the added of pressure of making sure it’s nutritious. Kids are difficult and will usually turn their nose up at anything green!

That’s where Livefreshr can help. Offering fresh and fun alternatives to the same old salad, Livefreshr’s range of recipes are not only healthy, but also delicious –your kids won’t even notice the veggies.

Eating all the right proteins and vegetables, children will be all set for the school term ahead feeling happy, healthy and energised. The best part is it’s hassle-free for mum and dad.

The children can even help do the cooking!

Grocery delivery service in Dubai

Going back to school with Livefreshr

Parents in Dubai –forget about the supermarket stress and the ‘what to cook for dinner’ dilemma, order from Livefreshr and enjoy wholesome family meals each week.

Let Livefreshr alleviate some of the back to school madness; with dinner sorted you just have to worry about school runs and messy uniforms!

Visit Livefreshr’s NEW website here and check out their handy app.