How Gender Roles Have Changed in Kitchens in the UAE |

How Gender Roles Have Changed in Kitchens in the UAE

Discover how LiveFreshr can stop couples arguments over who’s cooking dinner tonight

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29 August 2018

LiveFreshr: Healthy eating in Dubai

Who cooks in your kitchen?

The stereotype of women belonging in the kitchen has dramatically changed; today it is common for both partners in the UAE to work fulltime and therefore the task of grocery shopping and cooking has become even more difficult. The last thing either of you want to do after a long day at work is think of cooking, and the trawling around the supermarket that goes with it.

That’s why Livefreshr offer a great alternative; delivering proportioned ingredients for you to cook delicious meals, without the stress. No longer do you have to argue over who is doing the food shop after work, as ingredients are delivered to your home each week. Livefreshr also provide step by step instructions on how to cook each nutritious meal, simplifying the process for even the most novice of cooks.

From meal planning to healthy eating and budgeting, preparing meals for the family just got easier –as Livefreshr in Dubai has solutions to some of the most common problems for couples cooking and living together.

Healthy Eating at Home in Dubai

Up until recent years the UAE was still a place that held very traditional gender roles, but with more expat women entering the workforce, families and couples are left with the dilemma of who’s cooking dinner tonight. This can result in an unhealthy choice for dinner, which usually involves falling into the takeaway trap or buying an overpriced microwave meal.

Yet, in the time it takes you to order a takeaway, you can follow the instructions on Livefreshr’s easy-to-use app or website, and arrange for a healthy meal to be delivered to you in Dubai! This can save your family money, time and unnecessary tension. It also makes healthy eating at home super easy, and helps to avoid putting on the Dubai stone we all dread!

Whether it’s the husband or wife who cooks tonight, it doesn’t matter as Livefreshr is the solution to help any couple enjoy a tasty and healthy meal after a long day at work.

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