Art Of Iris Presents: ‘Expressions’ By Batoul Yaghi |

Art Of Iris Presents: ‘Expressions’ By Batoul Yaghi

Art of Iris presents the "Expressions" exhibition by Batoul Yaghi, a depiction of thoughts and emotions, a deep visualization of self.

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1 February 2018

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Art Of Iris Presents: ‘Expressions’ By Batoul Yaghi

Through a portrayal of personalities, some famous and some manifested, the audience is given the chance to stand and connect with each piece through a silent dialogue of grievances and triumphs. Whether those thoughts belong to the painting or the reader will depend on the persona of the viewer and the strength the canvas exudes over them.

About the Artist: Batoul Yaghi

Batoul Yaghi is a self-taught Lebanese modern artist. Spending long stretches of time sketching with her grandfather and endless hours watching her mother paint made her feel lucky and set on being an artist.

Batoul began to experiment with different mediums and materials. Removing all boundaries on what and where she can express herself, Batoul painted on chairs, tables, bags, mugs and even the bare walls of her apartment. Wanting her art to be vibrant and full of life, she employs a mixed media approach, using spray paint, acrylic, molding paste, markers, charcoal and pastel oils in almost all of her work.

The "Expressions" series of artworks will be on exhibition at Iris Dubai from 7 pm on Monday, 5 February.

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Art Of Iris Presents: ‘Expressions’ By Batoul Yaghi
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