Discover Kyo: Dubai’s Most Beautiful Outdoor Lounge |

Discover Kyo: Dubai’s Most Beautiful Outdoor Lounge

Winter in Dubai means it’s the perfect time to try out Kyo's zen garden lounge.

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3 December 2017

Kyo Outdoor Lounge to offer a Zen Experience

Winter has finally arrived in Dubai and it's time for garden BBQs and al fresco dinners. Perhaps you're looking for a new outdoor dining spot to try in Dubai, which isn't totally overrun, noisy, or difficult to reach and park.

Kyo Restaurant and Lounge on the Palm's Golden Mile has what is possibly Dubai's best kept outdoor dining secret: the city's only zen garden lounge.

Kyo's Japanese flavours are surrounded by lush greenery, bonsai trees, and Japanese sculptures and murals.

It's just next to the main restaurant in Golden Mile 1 and it allows you to try Kyo's creative Japanese flavours surrounded by lush greenery, bonsai trees, and Japanese sculptures and murals. There's even a zen water feature.

The garden is open daily from 7 p.m., but is also available for groups and private events at other times.

Kyo's Japanese Flavours surrounded by Lush Greenery, Bonsai Trees, and Japanese Sculptures and Murals.

Kyo Outdoor Lounge

Kyo hosts a popular Thursday Night Brunch

Kyo hosts a popular Thursday night brunch in the garden, but the Friday and Saturday lunch brunches also feature a garden option.

Feeling festive? From 3rd November, you can opt for Kyo's festive set menu while dining in the garden lounge.

Kyo hosts a Popular Thursday Night Brunch

Kyo Outdoor Lounge

A complimentary welcome drink for EWfood and ExpatWoman readers

This December, just mention "ExpatWoman" when you come to Kyo for dinner and you will get a complimentary non-alcoholic welcome drink.

A Complimentary Welcome Drink for ExpatWoman Readers

Kyo Outdoor Lounge

The outdoor lounge has several dining areas, suitable for families and groups of friends

The garden has several private dining areas, which are ideal for families or groups of friends and provide you with a dedicated waiter and a true VIP dining experience.

If you rather fancy fresh sushi or sashimi, that's on offer, too, or you can opt for a hot stone grill and grill your own dinner right in front of you at your table.

If you're coming with a group, you can also ask for Kyo's live Teppanyaki experience and watch the food being prepared in front of your eyes.

The Outdoor Lounge has several Dining Areas, Suitable for Families and Groups of Friends

Kyo Outdoor Lounge

Kyo Restaurant & Lounge
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