Discover the Best Grocery Delivery Service Online in Dubai |

Discover the Best Grocery Delivery Service Online in Dubai

LiveFreshr's NEW website simplifies ordering, preparing and cooking food

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12 September 2018

Discover the Best Website for Grocery Delivery & Meal Prep in Dubai

Have you checked out LiveFreshr’s easy-to-use website and super convenient app?! Here’s why you should…

Living in Dubai, we all know the struggle of sourcing fresh, healthy food for a reasonable price. It is, therefore, too easy to order a takeaway or find a quick fix for dinner. Yet, we’ve found an online food service in the UAE that can help –you’re welcome!

Dubai-based grocery delivery service, LiveFreshr, has recently launched a new website which offers even more flexibility with 15 recipes each week to choose from.

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You can now browse through delicious recipes before you order, tailoring them to your taste and dietary needs. Whether you’re vegetarian, pescatarian, vegan or gluten-freeLiveFreshr in Dubai has an option for every palette.

How it works:

LiveFreshr’s app and website provide everyday convenience from your mobile, tablet or laptop –and here’s how it works…

LiveFreshr create delicious recipes for you to follow and recreate at home.

  • Every week LiveFreshr’s chefs create delicious recipes that will not only excite the tastebuds, but ensure you and your family have a balanced diet full of nutritional value.
LiveFreshr Online Food Delivery Service Dubai

LiveFreshr take care of the shopping and portioning. Then deliver to your door.

  • With Livefreshr, say goodbye to wasted hours in the supermarket. Let them do all the legwork for you; they even pre-portion the ingredients to eliminate any waste.
LiveFreshr Online Food Delivery Service UAE

You create restaurant-quality meals for you and the family.

  • All you have to do is follow a simple step-by-step recipe to recreate LiveFreshr’s dishes, with minimal effort in the comfort of your own home. The only thing you will need is salt, pepper, and oil, as they provide the rest!

It's that simple!

Click here to visit LiveFreshr's NEW website.

LiveFreshr Online Food Delivery Service