Healthy Bites Fuel Post Festive Season Back to Fitness |

Healthy Bites Fuel Post Festive Season Back to Fitness

If you’re looking to kick-start a New Year resolution, Trump International Golf Club, Dubai can offer some tips and advice.

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3 January 2018

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Trump International Golf Club, Dubai

A Festive Season of indulgence often leads to a renewed drive to get fit and eat clean food in the New Year.

For many at Trump International, golf is a fantastic way back to fitness and peak health, and for some, such as beginner golfer, Sandra Tinari, the game is an athletic pursuit that is fuelled by healthy eating."I love it! It's is a real workout - you walk 5kms playing 9-holes and hours on the driving range left me shocked at just how unhealthy I was. Hitting golf balls for an hour uses so many muscle groups…my heart rate even reached a cardio burning 147bpm!” Sandra said.

"There's so much online about how eating clean helps athletes but I wondered where can I eat clean when eating out in Dubai?"

Find your passion

Fortunately, Sandra’s colleague and Head Golf Professional at Trump International Golf Club, Dubai, Sven Nielsen, had a strong interest and understanding of the benefits of eating well when it comes to sports performance.

"Eating healthily can really help everyone improve in their sport of choice, whatever their level. Fueling your body with the right foods gives you more energy and stamina to practice, work on your fitness and on game day.

"Like anything, when you are trying a healthier diet, starting a new sport like golf or getting back into fitness, it's important to take one step at a time. You don't want to risk overdoing it," he said.

Sven also draws on the expertise of the Golf Club's executive chef, Fernando Galbiati, when advising golfers on healthy eating. Chef Fernando’s focus on knowing foods' provenance and cooking fresh has been ingrained from a young age.

"Growing up in Italy, we didn't think about eating or cooking clean. It's just something that we did; using fragrant herbs from our gardens, fresh tomatoes and anything else our parents' could grow,” he said.

Trump International Golf Club, Dubai

Green & Clean Dining

Employing that same fresh food philosophy at Trump International Golf Club, Dubai, Fernando has been able to share his advice on eating well and cooking clean with guests at his restaurants.

Fresh green leaf and superfood quinoa salads, carrot and cinnamon bliss bites, zingy sorbet and smashed avocado with poached eggs are just some of the new found favourite healthy dishes on the menu at the Golf Club.

For those, who want to enjoy eating out but start their healthy New Year resolutions, Fernando offers his top superfoods for clean eating:

  • quinoa; a fantastic source of protein
  • kale or spinach; Popeye ate Spinach, we also eat kale!
  • berries of any kind! A great source of vitamins and antioxidants
  • tomatoes ("of course, I'm Italian!"). But they are a great source of vitamin C, potassium, folate and vitamin K
  • To try Fernando's fresh dishes at Trump International email to book your table.

    To enjoy a golf lesson email or call 04 245 3939.

    Inspired to begin a post summer clean eating & fitness drive?

    Follow @trumpgolfdubai and @svennielsenpga on Instagram for dining and fitness inspiration.

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