Top 10 Foods Celebrities Won't Eat |

Top 10 Foods Celebrities Won't Eat

Did you know Kim Kardashian hates Indian food?

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7 September 2017

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Celebrities - they are just like us, except that they are not.

Yes, celebs have a lot more fame and wealth than most of us do, but there is also a downside to it. The whole world is watching celebrities and they have to be in their best shape at all times or be okay with being mocked relentlessly on social media.

Only recently, Rihanna was subject to immense social media trolling because she had gained a couple of pounds . Therefore, it is no surprise that many celebrities have cut out sugar, fried foods, and junk food out of their diet.

However, there are other celebrities who have cut foods out just cause they don't like them. In this video, popular listicles channel @MostAmazingTop10 enlists the top 10 foods that celebrities will not eat.