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The Importance of Buying A GIA Certified Diamond

Not all diamonds are worth the $$$.

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4 June 2017

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Fergus Appleton

The Importance of Buying A GIA Certified Diamond

image courtesy Fergus James

Fergus, CEO of Fergus James, explains the importance of the GIA certificate when buying a diamond.

There are a number of diamond laboratories that independently measure the cut, clarity, colour and carat of a diamond. One might assume that these laboratories would all grade diamonds to the same standard...unfortunately, this is not the case. Here’s some advice on why it’s important to buy GIA certified diamonds if you want to achieve real value for money and get exactly what you paid for.

What is diamond certification and why is a diamond certified?

Diamonds are certified to ensure that consumers can understand the quality of the diamond that they are buying before making the purchase. The certificate adds transparency to the process helping customers make informed decisions – it also helps to drive prices lower. The certificate communicates the weight of the diamond (carat), the dimensions, colour, clarity, cut, polish and symmetry.

Who are the main certification laboratories?
1. GIA
2. AGS
3. HRD
4. IGI
5. EGL
6. IDL

Which independent Laboratory is the best for consumers?

Without any doubt, the GIA are the best independent laboratory and grade diamonds to the correct standard consistently thereby ensuring that customers get exactly what they think they are getting. High-end jewellers, such as Harry Winston, only use GIA certified diamonds because of their high standards and consistent certification framework.

Why do other laboratories “over-grade” diamonds?

Other diamond laboratories over-grade diamonds to increase the profit margins of the diamond suppliers and jewellers. Independent researchers conducted an experiment to track grading standards and wholesale price and found the differences to be huge. The exact same diamond was sent to the GIA and the EGL laboratories and this is what they found:

Remember those prices are for the EXACT SAME diamond so this clearly demonstrates the variance in standards in addition to the higher price paid by the consumer for inferior products when buying diamonds that are not certified by the GIA.

Because of the GIA’s rigorous and consistent standards, as well as their independent status, I would always recommend buying a GIA certified diamond above all other certificates (even Tiffany!). For more information please contact Fergus James.

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