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This Will Be The Shade Of 2019 –Here's How To Use It

Let the light in, with a Spiced Honey hue

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5 December 2018

New Evolution on Interior Design Trends for 2019


Looking for a new hue to bring into your home in the New Year? Spiced Honey was revealed as Dulux's Colour of the Year for 2019, here’s how you can introduce the colour trend into your space...

Already ahead of the trend, New Evolution are ready to renovate and re-energise our homes in the year ahead –as the renowned interior design and fit-out company gives us an insight into the 'It' shade of 2019.

Spiced Honey is an earthy, caramel shade with inviting tones of amber that evoke warmth and positivity. It is a versatile colour that can be introduced into a range of home interiors –because it’s calming, energising and lets the light in.

New Evolution know how to work the warm neutral tone into the homes of Dubai, as here is why you should consider the colour and New Evolution’s interior design services in 2019.

Get inspired by the tone

Versatile, sophisticated and timeless, get inspired by this chic and contemporary restaurant design by New Evolution. The design is built around a palette of warm, neutral tones that are enhanced by touches of gold and lifted by white marble.

New Evolution can apply the same concept into home interiors, and feature Spiced Honey in blocks and bands, as well as on woodwork and furniture. If you’re looking for a bespoke, customised piece of furniture to fit into your space, click here.

What can it do for rooms?

Dubai villas can be sparse, cold and lacking of charm or character –that’s why this shade is perfect for injecting warmth into a space –whilst still remaining contemporary and in-keeping with a villa’s style.

The subtleness of the shade can bring a fresh vibes into the home, as one of the many benefits of interior design is a fresh new look and renewed energy. This is particularly important as we end this year and look into the next.

How to use the shade?

This tone is relaxing, but it has a rich feel. Use the shade as backdrop and pair it with soft greys, muted pinks or sophisticated blues for a serene space. Add polished woods and textured rugs to enhance the look.

For an energising atmosphere, partner the colour with richly pigmented shades, including deep forest green, bold teal and intense burgundy –for a cosy, but lively look.

Here, New Evolution uses a similar shade as a backdrop in this luxe villa setting. The colour is complimented by a neutral palette, a hint of green and gold accents.

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