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Top Autumn/Winter Home Décor Trends To Follow

Interior Design experts reveal this season's must-have trends

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23 October 2018

Top Autumn/Winter Home Décor Trends

When it comes to fashion we embrace the new season’s must-have trends and update our wardrobe accordingly –but what about our home?

Dubai-based interior design experts, New Evolution, have listed the key trends you need to follow for autumn/winter; with subtle home décor additions that can spruce up your home for the season ahead and the seasons to come.

Proving that you don’t have to redecorate your whole home for a style overhaul, this season’s trends can update your existing looks at home and give them a fresh feeling. From modern lighting to glamourous dark wood and shades of grey, these trends are stylistically pretty and still practical in the home.

So, do you fancy transforming your space with the latest home décor trends? Here are the interior experts must-have looks for autumn/winter

Modern Lighting

This season modern LED lighting has been extremely popular, where you don’t have to worry about replacing a bulb! New Evolution can design and source sleek and stylish lighting, that has a high tech edge. How about a fashion-forward chandelier to boost your dining or living space? Or an ultra-modern table lamp to spruce up your space?

Shades of Grey

From concrete tones to charcoal shades, grey is the hue to use this season. We already know it’s super stylish –and great for a modern, minimalist look, as seen in this kitchen from New Evolution. But, despite the icy silver shade, introducing grey into your home can produce natural warmth as well. So stick to this monochrome palette and embrace the industrial look this autumn.

Bold Prints

Graphic prints and abstract designs are making a statement for winter. Whether it’s hung on the wall or spread across a patterned rug, bold prints are set to feature this season. Here New Evolution allows a statement piece of art to compliment the space, and not overpower the room –yet the bold piece still makes a strong statement!

This geometric style rug is another example of a stylish statement, that doesn’t take over the space –as New Evolution subtly introduces the trend of the season.

Jewel Tones

Deep jewel tones are perfect for winter, and currently on trend in the fashion world. Nothing says luxury like an emerald shade, rich ruby elements and a golden topaz touch. Here New Evolution demonstrates how the use contrasting rich shades to complement each other, and create a deluxe look.

Dark Wood Glam

Dark wood is bringing glamour back into your homes! The darker grain is a typical autumnal trend to follow, but this year dark wood is more stylish than ever. Intense colour is making a statement this season, so why not introduce dark wood pieces into your living space or bedroom.

New Evolution proves that dark wood adds a glamorous touch to your space, whilst also being contemporary –as a rich dark wood is complimented with modern finishes and neutral tones.

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