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Why It's a Great Idea to Upgrade Your Dubai Home in 2019

Whether it's for personal living or investment, understand the need to upgrade your property

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21 January 2019

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New Evolution project in Jumeirah Golf Estates, Dubai

In Dubai, we're currently living in a property market where the supply is higher than the demand.

Tenants and buyers are now finding it easier to pursue their dream home - and there's more opportunity nowadays to upgrade your home to the standard you'd like.

And if you're wishing to sell your home for asking price in this current market, it's a good idea to make some improvements. In this case, to have your home occupied or sold, it should stand out from other properties and provide a fresh look, neutral colours and higher finishes.

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Dubai-based fit-out company New Evolution agrees, as they urge property owners to invest in upgrading their properties to help stand out in the market. We asked their Sales Manager, Tatiana Silva - who has an in-depth Real Estate background - her thoughts on the matter.

Here's four benefits of upgrading your Dubai home:

New Evolution Jumeirah Golf Estates project

All credits: New Evolution, from a recent project in Jumeirah Golf Estates

New Evolution Jumeirah Golf Estates project

#1 More attractive in the market

"Upgraded properties stand out of the market, in comparison with original properties", says Tatiana from New Evolution.

New Evolution Jumeirah Golf Estates project
New Evolution Jumeirah Golf Estates project

#2 More interest in an up-to-date property

"Tenants and buyers will be more interested in an up-to-date property, rather than a dated property, as the market is super competitive at the moment."

New Evolution Jumeirah Golf Estates project

#3 More suitable for every potential buyer

When it comes to colours, Tatiana advises against bold, colourful shades.

"You should try to change the decor of your property to lighter, clean colours - avoid anything bold or colourful.

"Find a neutral style that's suitable for every client. In this case, they can match their own furniture, colours and taste to this decor", she explains.

New Evolution Jumeirah Golf Estates project

# Prevent decreasing in rent/value

"Buyers and tenants are trying to find the perfect home in Dubai, and now more than ever the supply is higher than demand.

"For home owners, they don't want to lose money or have an empty property, and strategies should be created in order to upgrade their property instead of letting its value decrease - this will help to have faster and smoother transactions in the future."

If you'd like to talk to an expert team about improving your property and upgrading your interiors, simply press click to contact below to get in touch with New Evolution.

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