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This Bvlgari Residence in Dubai Redefines What a Home Is

Bvlgari's high-end and high-concept brand was the guiding theme for the home's decor scheme

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4 March 2020

Inside New Evolution's Bvlgari residence fit-out in Dubai, inspired by luxury boutique hotels...

Nestled between Downtown Dubai, the heart of Dubai's urban scene, and views of the Arabian Gulf is a collection of resorts and residences designed for the ultimate expression of sophistication and style. Located on a private island off the coast of the Emirate, the Bvlgari Resorts & Residences is one of the only six places on the planet where people can enjoy a lifestyle rich in its exclusivity and opulence.

Taking a luxurious approach to the project, Dubai-based interior fit-out company New Evolution transformed the expansive home into a real feast for the eyes. With over 10 years of experience in the UAE and more than 25 in the UK, this Bvlgari Residence is a new addition to their extensive history of successful design projects.

Everywhere you look in the apartment, you'll be met with accents of brass, golds, ivory, and marble to reflect a living space that's as modern and luxurious as its name. The project included fit-out work, a full kitchen removal and reinstallation, custom furnishings, decor, art, lighting, curtains, and more.

Scroll on to see the best highlights of this fabulous home in Dubai...

The living room...

The living room wears its modern elegance lightly with a neutral ivory and cream palette, complemented by black and white marble fittings that have the occasional brass streaks. Extra touches of luxury were added through the customised gold-tone furnishing and display units.

As a space dedicated to welcome you home and for every day, private living, we love that the interior receives you in the way you deserve.

Using furniture and decorations that incorporate glass, as well as the wall to wall mirrors, the already spacious unit is subtly visually enlarged for a living space that feels more open yet intimate.

Some of the walls feature marble, along with lovely contemporary art.

The kitchen and dining space...

The kitchen and dining areas uses a similar theme to the living room: wooden floors, and minimalist yet luxurious interior in ivory, gold, marble, and blacks.

In addition, one kitchen wall is a dedicated feature space for art.

The dining space receives plenty of natural light, with views of the Arabian Gulf and Dubai's landmarks. It's also a fantastic area for entertaining, able to sit up to eight people.

Above the table, you'll find customised lighting.

The bedrooms...

Wake up to the sea's horizon and the beautiful Dubai city skyline from your Bvlgari Residence bedroom. Throughout the master bedroom, guest and kids bedrooms, find wood floors and neo-minimalist motifs that remain in keeping with the property's design.

Elevate your space in Dubai into the home of your dreams, with help from New Evolution! Click "contact" below to get in touch with their team of experts to start planning your interior today.

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