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Why a Home Makeover Is the Best Gift for International Women's Day

Enjoy the annual occasion with a 10% discount on your interior fit-out in Dubai

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6 March 2020

This special offer lasts for the month of March!

Sunday, March 8 sees this year's edition of International Women's Day, the annual celebration of women's achievements and acknowledgement of their challenges.

After a long day's schedule of networking lunches, office hours, school runs, company dinners, and more, it's revitalising to return to a place you can really call "home" and unwind.

This year, leading luxury interior fit-out company New Evolution is getting involved for International Women's Day by helping ladies across Dubai come home to a living space that's tailored just for them.

And as a gift for just the women in the UAE, New Evolution is offering a fabulous 10% OFF services throughout the month of March!

Here, ewmoda rounds up our top reasons why an interior makeover makes for the perfect International Women's Day 2020 gift.

5. Expert designs and planning

Your home will be in expert hands so you won't need to do a significant bulk of the work. New Evolution has over 10 years of experience in Dubai and more than 20 years of professional work in the UK.

So you can transform your dream Pinterest home into a reality.

4. Getting the right look

Not all of us are blessed with the gift and professional know-how of interior and architectural design. You can turn your home into a reflection of your lifestyle - whether you're a career woman, stay-at-home mum, adventurous spirit, etc., the team at New Evolution can make your living space work for you.

The Dubai-based interior fit-out has over 800 homes in their portfolio - and none disappoint.

3. A huge time-saver

You won't have to set aside time from your busy schedule to work on transforming your home. New Evolution's magic touch will usually involve working on your living regardless of where you may be.

Take this gorgeous Victory Heights villa project, which was completed in only 30 days while the client was traveling!

2. Custom-fit

New Evolution prides itself on tailoring homes according to the client's tastes and vision.

1. Big savings

Enjoy 10% OFF on your interior fit-out through March in honour of International Women's Day.

To avail your International Women's Day discount, contact New Evolution below to start planning your dream home in Dubai!

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