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A Guide To Customised Furniture In Dubai

Posted on

17 September 2018

Customised Furniture In Dubai

Looking for the perfect piece of furniture to compliment the layout of your home? Here’s our guide to finding custom made furniture in Dubai…

A home is made by adding personal touches that express our style in a completely unique way. Interior design is built upon individuality; as every home should reflect the family or person living within it. However, it can be difficult to find good quality furniture that isn’t mass produced and doesn’t come with a huge price tag –especially in Dubai!

Introducing New Evolution: Luxury Interior Design In Dubai

Posted on

30 August 2018

New Evolution: Interior Design Company in Dubai

Dubai-based fit-out company New Evolution, is a British owned and managed company providing a high-end, quality service based on 12 years of experience in Dubai, and over 20 years' experience in the UK. Having completed a large portfolio of more than 850 design projects in the UAE, we are a well-established firm, offering both elite residential and commercial interior services, as well as landscaping.