Giving Birth During Menopause: Is it Possible and How to Help Ensure it Happens |

Giving Birth During Menopause: Is it Possible and How to Help Ensure it Happens

Two years after being diagnosed with menopause, a mum in the UAE celebrated the birth of her newborn

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21 February 2023

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Menopause pregnancy treatment in Abu Dhabi

A real patient-mum story, from the files of a Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist.

Two years ago, and after having issues with irregular menstruation and occasional hot flushes, a 42-year-old woman received the news that she is menopausal.

She underwent hormonal blood tests and was told that she had a condition medically known as Premature Ovarian Insufficiency, for which she was placed on hormone replacement therapy (HRT).

The patient said: "It was devastating news to me and my family; not only was I terrified of the consequences of menopause on my skin, hair and bones, but I also had to give up on my dream to have a second child."

She added: "I went through a phase of denial initially, but I accepted the diagnosis eventually and believed that I was on the right treatment".

This mind set completely changed when she came to see Dr. Amer Elbaba, a Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist at Mediclinic Airport Road Hospital, who has wide experience in managing menopause.

Menopause pregnancy treatment in Abu Dhabi

A routine appointment turned into a 40-minute consultation, where Dr. Elbaba revisited her medical history, evaluated her expectations and took a different approach to the diagnosis of her case.

Dr. Elbaba ordered some blood tests which were reassuringly normal to an extent that she was advised to stop her hormonal therapy permanently.

She was alternatively put on a new treatment pathway using non-hormonal supplements that enhance fertility and ovulation.

"I could not believe it when I had a positive pregnancy test two months into my new treatment plan that was prescribed by Dr. Elbaba," said the mum.

"Dr. Elbaba looked after me during my pregnancy and he performed my caesarean section at full term. My thanks to him and his team for their professional work," she commented.

Giving birth after menopause in the UAE

"Menopause and its wide spectrum of conditions should ideally be managed by dedicated physicians who are experts in this field," Dr. Elbaba explained.

"Following strict protocols before diagnosing chronic conditions is vital as they may lead to psychological, physical, and often major financial consequences," he concluded.

Mediclinic Airport Road Hospital in Abu Dhabi has recently launched a multidisciplinary menopause service for women.

To book your consultation with Dr. Amer Elbaba, please get in touch below.

Dr. Amer Elbaba at Mediclinic Airport Road Hospital

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