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WIN Lessons to Learn Something New With Soopa

Use this UAE online grocery shopping app to save you huge amounts of time and tell us, what would YOU do with that time saved?

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30 December 2018

Soopa Competition - Learn a new skill or hobby in UAE

There’s nothing more precious than time…

And for this New Year, online grocery shopping application Soopa are offering one lucky EWmums reader the chance to WIN a set of lessons learning something new of YOUR choice!

We’ve established that using Soopa can save you huge amounts of time – up to 3+ hours per week, in fact… And now we want to know exactly HOW you would spend that extra time.

Whether it’s learning a new hobby like painting, playing the piano, the violin or guitar, or even taking up dance lessons or playing a sport.

You might want to spend quality time with your kids and family, learn pottery, take singing lessons or best of all… Book yourself for a full cut and blow-dry, mani-pedi, and waxing - the full works!

No matter how you’d spend that extra time, tell us by simply entering your answer in the form below.

Enter the Soopa competition

By telling us what you would do with the extra time saved in place of grocery shopping, you’ll have the chance to WIN paid lessons for a month of your chosen activity.

All you have to do is tell us how you’d better spend that time…

  • 3 entrants will be selected and added to a lucky draw
  • Soopa will pull the 1, final winner from this draw
  • Soopa will provide paid lessons for a month to help you get started in your chosen skill, hobby or craft

For example; if you tell us you’d like to learn salsa dancing, Soopa will purchase and giveaway a set of weekly salsa dancing lessons!

Competition ends January 31st, 2019.

Want to WIN 3 months paid lessons?

If you are the chosen winner of this Soopa competition, you could WIN an additional 2 months’ worth of lessons if you agree to record a video diary of your progress.

Meaning, you could walk away with THREE MONTHS worth of lessons – all paid for by Soopa

All you would need to do is complete short, 1-minute interview style videos sharing your progress of your lesson and how the time saved by using Soopa has been better spent doing something you love and enjoy.

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