The Baby Boutique Has The Perfect Christmas Gift for Kids

We've Found the Perfect Birthday Gift in the UAE For Your Kids

Gift your loved ones a birthday happiness box and get it delivered by a mascot for free anywhere in the UAE. Read on to find out more!

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14 December 2017

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We've got the Perfect Birthday Gift for your Kids

Know how to make kids happy on their birthday? Get a mascot to go to their birthday party and hand over your specially-wrapped gift with balloons, a cute teddy bear and much more. For sure, everyone will definitely enjoy!

And with The Baby Boutique Birthday Happiness Box, mascot delivery is for FREE!

This is something your pocket will enjoy, and your gift will be something that will be very memorable to the person you are giving it to.

The Baby Boutique in Dubai have the perfect gift solution for you! If you don’t know what to give someone on his/her birthday, check The Baby Boutique’s 5 easy steps for you.

Step 1

Let The Baby Boutique team know if the gift is for a boy or a girl.

The Happiness Box at The Baby Boutique Dubai

Step 2

Let The Baby Boutique team know the age of the kid. But then again, this is not only for kids. Everyone can receive a Birthday Happiness Box.

The Happiness Box at The Baby Boutique Dubai

Step 3

Choose the Box that you want to give.

Choose the Box that you want to give.

Step 4

Give us the details of the party so the team can schedule Bambino’s visit. Bambino is The Baby Boutique’s official mascot.

The Happiness Box at The Baby Boutique Dubai

Step 5

Write your special message for the birthday boy/girl. The Baby Boutique has a card that will be placed inside the gift box.

The Happiness Box at The Baby Boutique Dubai

This is a unique idea that is only available at The Baby Boutique. We always have a lot of questions that goes through our heads whenever we are invited to a party and we don’t know what gift to give: how much should we spend, what should we buy, would they already have it, would they like it, would they exchange it for something else?

Facing these question, we often times wish that you could only buy a gift voucher and leave the choice to them but we again face different set of questions like from where should we buy it and for how much and would it be the right choice for such an occasion. We also don’t want to disappoint a child who will just receive a piece of paper.

With the Birthday Happiness Boxes catering to different age and gender, you don’t have to worry about what to buy. Giving gifts now becomes easy – you only have to select the box you wish and leave the rest to The Baby Boutique team. The gift boxes come with a cool plush toy, a unique shirt and a gift voucher allowing the receiver to shop from thousands of items online delivered directly to their door steps and to their liking.

The Baby Boutique have a good variety of products from toys, fashion,stationery items and so much more.

The Birthday Happiness Boxes will also be delivered by Bambino, and if you are lucky, he may even spend some time entertaining the kids and leaving them with special memories and excitement. The best part is, this gift is also available to the bigger kids, because age is always irrelevant, we are all little kids in our hearts!

Now that’s what we call a special and memorable gift!!