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5 Pregnancy Classes You Didn’t Even Know You NEED

And they are super affordable too!

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12 December 2018

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Unique Natural Birthing

Gone are the days of a full schedule in preparation for your baby

With most pregnant mums holding down the fort at home or juggling a full-time job while getting by their pregnancy – there’s barely any time to squeeze in those much-needed pregnancy classes.

And if there is an opportunity here and there…where do you even begin to choose the right classes for you.

From breastfeeding techniques, baby care techniques and birthing techniques – how do you know which ones are the ones YOU truly need.

Not to mention most classes can cost your wallet a pretty penny…

It’s always important to understand that spending the right amount of money is worth it if you’re getting the valuable information you actually need.

Which is why we’ve combined a good list of classes every pregnant mum-to-be needs before welcoming her little one into the big wide world.

And don’t worry, they’re super affordable too.

1. Young Romance

Young Romance

Let’s start at the beginning shall we? To the beginning of when it all started…that young romance between you and your hubby.

With life throwing surprises back and forth at you – your decisions as a couple are constantly tested in your relationship and will continue to do so as you become parents to a baby.

So why not get your relationship to a healthy place prior to bringing your little one into the world by taking a couple's coaching and therapy class.

  • Price: AED250 per hour.

2. Grow your family

Grow your family

For those who are having slight trouble starting or expanding your family, there’s absolutely no shame in that.

Conception is a beautiful work of art, however, it’s also a complicated one.

Getting the right information from a certified doula is just what you need to help you along your conception journey…you’ll have a safe space to discuss all your tribulations as well as your progression.

  • Price: AED250 per hour.

3. Pregnancy mindfulness

Pregnancy mindfulness

Now that you’re pregnant, this feeling might be a little bit alien to your body and this is completely normal – you are growing another human inside of you at the end of the day!

Lots of mothers go through the lack of connectivity during their pregnancy and it’s just a method to cope with what’s going on…lots of changes in 9 months’ time.

So it’s vital for you, as a pregnant mum, to bridge that connection between your present self and the baby you are carrying and there’s no better way to do so than with a pregnancy mindfulness class.

  • Price:
    For groups: AED75.
    For private individuals: AED150 per 40 minutes.

4. Couples birth coach

Couples birth coach

With the disconnection out of the way and you’re almost close to welcoming your baby into the world, you might be overwhelmed with this feeling.

It’s a lot of responsibility to deal with so soon…not to mention the idea of birth-giving might be frightening you a bit, especially if it’s your first baby.

As a tip: stop reading those internet articles about pregnancy birthing situations because no two births are the same.

It’s best to take a couples birthing class with your significant other to understand what goes on and remove any scepticism you may have.

Your doula will be able to guide you both through the journey of your birth, so you’ll never be left to panic when the time comes.

  • Price:
  • AED350 per 1-hour class.
    AED750 for 3-4 hours.
    AED1200 for 8 hours of full training.

5. Enabling connections

Enabling connections

Congrats! You’ve welcomed your baby into the world and you must be elated.

But…now the responsibilities start to kick in and you are feeling anxious and nervous about your role as a mother.

Don’t worry, your doula will be there to teach you everything you need to know post-birth.

From breastfeeding your baby to bathing your baby properly – you’ll get the low down on taking care of your baby in the way you feel comfortable with while your doula steers the family’s comfort in the suitable direction.

  • Price: AED300 per class.

Valuable information received soon becomes invaluable!

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