Rehydrate Your Skin this Summer in Qatar with Guerlain's Latest Technology Orchidée Impérial |

Rehydrate Your Skin this Summer in Qatar with Guerlain's Latest Technology Orchidée Impérial

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16 July 2018

Last updated on 17 July 2018
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Stress, pollution, changes in the weather; skin is increasingly stressed and weakened. Skin dryness, whether genetic or due to environmental factors, affects all skin tones and concerns all women nowadays. Orchidée Impérial Rich Cream offers women unprecedented twofold effectiveness: it targets and reduces the visible effects of time as well as ‘normalizing’ dry skin, teaching it how to function normally again.

The Rich Cream – enriched with Precious Oil

Formulated using Cell Respiration technology, this total age-defying skincare is also infused with an exclusive complex enriched with precious Abyssinian oil, which targets the main factors responsible for skin dehydration active in the skin’s different layers.

Orchidée Impérial Rich Cream’s ultra-comfortable texture penetrates to the heart of the skin, without leaving the slightest oily film. It delivers an instant and lasting lipid-replenishing action. Perfectly nourished, skin looks regenerated and regains its elasticity and firmness.

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The Best of Science

The Rich Cream, born of the new-generation Orchidée Impérial , contains exclusive Cell Respiration technology targeting the phenomenon of hypoxia (lack of oxygen at the heart of the cells). After 15 years research, Guerlain scientists have demonstrated the action of the Gastrodia Elata orchid (an essential flower in traditional Chinese medicine) on a sensor – HIF – regulating cell oxygen use. In fact, without this breath of life, cell regeneration slows down, energy production mechanisms are impaired and the cell matrix breaks down.

Thanks to this major scientific discovery, the new-generation Orchidée Impérial enables more effective oxygen distribution in cells, which optimizes their energy to enhance cell longevity. Skin is firmer and looks younger for longer with repeated applications.
*In-vitro test on ingredients

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A Formulation and Technological Feat

With time, pollution, stress and increasingly harsh environment conditions, the skin’s barrier is impaired.

The extracellular matrix is impoverished and hyaluronic acid decreases, leading to moisture loss, then comes skin dryness and feelings of tightness. Orchidée Impérial Rich Cream is able to restore all of the skin’s suppleness, offering it intense nutrition without an oily feel.

At the heart of the Rich Cream, an exclusive complex teaches skin that is dry or has been dried out by its environment how to function normally again. Structured on the basis of a combination of active ingredients specially chosen for their compmentarity and affinity with the skin, it acts on the main dehydration factors. This complex contains a rare ingredient – precious Abyssinian oil, whose nourishing and emollient properties have been known for thousands of years. Legend has it that the Queen of Sheba used this elixir to maintain her skin’s radiance.

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Remarkable Scientifically Proven Results

Orchidée Impérial Rich Cream deploys all of its moisturizing, lipid-replenishing and age-defying powers in a single application. This efficacy has been validated by dermatologists and confirmed by women.

There is an instant moisturizing effect that, most importantly increases with time, skin therefor remains hydrated for 24 hours:

  • Hydration +55% at 6 hr, +63% at 24 hr
  • Firmness +20%
  • Density +20%
  • Elasticity +24%
  • Evenness +25%
  • Radiance +30%
  • Skin Texture Fineness +21%

Orchidée Impérial Rich Cream also normalizes dry skin. It helps a weak epidermis become more resistant and regain the comfort of normal skin.

Efficacy validated by women: 89% of women find that feelings of discomfort and tightness disappear from the very first application. Skin is hydrated, nourished and comfortable all day long.

After one month, it is more resistant when faced with harsh weather conditions. Last but not least, Orchidée Impérial Rich Cream gives women a sense of well-being and boosts their self-confidence.

*Instrumental test, 11 women, results 6 hours and 24 hours after application
*Clinical test by a dermatologist, 31 women, results after two months of use
*Satisfaction survey, 61 women, results after one month of use

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A model of Sustainable Luxury

True to its environment commitment for the past decade; Guerlain has entirely redesigned the packaging for the fourth generation, Orchidée Impérial cream.

After a year’s research and development, the exceptional skincare’s new case is even more lightweight and refined than ever, it uses fewer raw materials and lighter glass, these technical developments have reduced the weight of the jar by 60% and its carbon footprint by 57%. The content and container now share the same philosophy of responsible luxury acclaimed by our consumers.

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