How to Maneuver Sending Shipments Between Qatar and Blockade Countries |

How to Maneuver Sending Shipments Between Qatar and Blockade Countries

Here are some of the things you need to know when sending shipments to or from Qatar.

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29 April 2018

Last updated on 9 May 2018
How to Maneuver Sending Shipments between Qatar and Blockade Countries

While the UAE and Qatar have been experiencing a diplomatic crisis since 5th June 2017, expatriates are still requested and required to relocate between Qatar and the other countries that have severed relations (Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Egypt). At Santa Fe Relocations we have a 100% legal, compliant and proven method for moving your household items between the countries imposing the blockade and Qatar. Here are some things that you need to know:

Transit time

Prior to the blockade, transit time for a door to door sea shipment to and from Qatar from a neighboring embargoed country was 2 – 3 weeks. Now with Santa Fe the total door to door transit time on sea shipment is approximately 12 – 14 weeks. With this substantially longer transit time, you will need to plan ahead with a temporary housing solution or rental furniture at destination.

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Moving items to or from Qatar through one of the neighboring GCC countries is not compliant. In order to move shipments through neighboring GCC countries the Shipper, or person who owns and is sending the goods, must have a visa for the transshipment country to remain compliant. If a relocation company is moving items in this manner, it is likely they are using a 3rd party as the importer and this is not legal and could create complications if detected.

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Documentation Requirement

If relocating to Qatar, a clear copy of your Qatar Residence Permit Card (front & back side) is required for importation. If your Qatar Residence ID Card is not issued prior to your shipment’s arrival, you may submit a copy of your Valid Work Visa / Work Permit along with a copy of your passport and a signed original Client Import Authorization Letter (NOC).

For shipments destined for the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Egypt and Mauritania, we can counsel you on the required documentation required for each country.

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