Paying your parking and traffic fines and choosing a place to park |

Paying your parking and traffic fines and choosing a place to park

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10 May 2014

Last updated on 28 June 2017
Paying your parking and traffic fines and choosing a place to park

A car is not the most popular mode of transport as most people in Vietnam prefer to ride a motorcycle as it’s easier to get around. Because of this, information about parking regulations are very few and far between. However, general road rules apply and common sense is advised when choosing to park your car, note the following areas are prohibited:

  • Within five metres of crossroads.

  • At bus stops.

  • On pedestrian crossings.

  • On curves or bends in the road.

  • At the top of hills.

  • On bridges and flyovers.

  • Over manholes or sewers.

  • Obstructing warning signs.

  • Where ‘no-parking signs’ are posted.

  • On pedestrian-only roads.

Many public areas including shopping malls and parking lots provide sufficient parking space for both cars and motorcycles but note there will be a small charge in some areas.

Parking a motorcycle on the pavement is permitted in urban areas, the parking is usually free although some places charge a small amount to park the vehicle to provide security but note that the parking rates are often not posted, so it is worth checking with the establishment or parking attendant on site.

Parking Illegally Leading to a Parking Fine

no parking signIf you park your car illegally in any city in Vietnam the police have the right to impound your vehicle there and then. In order to recover your vehicle you must attend the local police station armed with the vehicle registration documents and your ID card or passport. The police then issue you with a citation, which then requires you to take a trip to another office, as the police are not allowed to accept the payment of fines. You must then go back to the original police station with your parking fine receipt and exchange it for your vehicle!

Fines for parking violations are actually quite cheap considering, averaging less than VND 100,000 but Impound fees and the administrative costs is where the price will rise quite significantly. As always, the price will vary from place to place in Vietnam.

Breakdown and Recovery

There are no breakdown and recovery companies in Vietnam. So if your vehicle breaks down suddenly you will need to locate a service on your own. Some insurance companies have agreements with repair shops that come to the vehicle and either repair it or tow it away, so it is definitely worth investing with them!