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Expat Interviews

Expat Interviews

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Expat Interviews

Advice is always best when straight from the horse's mouth, so browse through these interviews with expatriate ladies around the globe and discover a different expat life entirely different to your own. You never know, it might persuade you towards your next step... Alternatively, if you wish to be featured and want to share your own adventures with fellow expats, email!

  • The World Traveller

    Being an aspiring traveller, Shana Ahmad had always dreamed of the day that she would pack her things and live abroad. That day finally came true when she had the chance to live in Abu Dhabi with her family.

  • A Trailing Spouse in Germany

    Living in Schweinfurt, Germany for the past seven months has proven both fun and challenging for expat Ava Meena, who considers herself to be a trailing spouse after both she and her husband were relocated to Germany due to his career.

  • An exclusive interview with Debbie Duggan was lucky enough to catch up with a fellow expatriate and author Debbie Duggan . Her debut novel explores all sides of expat life and is a gripping thriller romance. Debbie reveals to EW about her life as a #ExpatWoman and what inspired her to write.

  • Just Do It and Immerse Yourself

    Meet Emma Jane, an Australian, living in Dubai with hubby and 2 kids aged 1 and 9. She lovs Dubai due to the fact you never have to think about whether it’s going to be raining when you are planning to do something.She would tell anyone who is considering becoming an expat to just do it.

  • Sarah Brook is the Sparkle in Malawi’s Eye

    She is a woman that everyone needs to hear about. She is the inspirational lady and the magic behind Sparkle Malawi; an orphanage that’s changing the lives of children in Africa.Like many of us, Sarah was attracted to Dubai by a tax free salary, but not so she could buy a nicer car or a house, it was so she could fund an orphanage in Malawi.

  • Meet Mumpack Travel

    Say hi to Evie, a mother who decided to quit her full time job and set off adventuring with her daughter, Emmie! They're both set to start their biggest adventure yet, with a 2016 trip around Asia... Are we jealous? Maybe a little bit!

  • The American Expat in Nicaragua

    Meet Brooke Rundle, a woman who hopped from a life in California in the United States, all the way to San Juan del Sur in Nicaragua. We had the chance to ask her a few questions about expatriate life, and how she manages to keep in the festive spirit around the holidays!

  • ExpatWoman Have their Very Own In-House Foodie.

    Gail is the brains behind our ExpatWoman Food. She has being an expat all over the Middle East and Asia, living in Myanmar, Philippines and the UAE. With all this exposure to the world she has developed a palate for good taste. It is no wonder we love having her on our team as our foodie expert. She is the one we all go to about where is best place to eat in town.

  • Misadventures Around Asia

    Meet Gina, she is the English teacher that is letting her skill take her around Asia. She has enjoyed Japan for over 3 years and is now currently residing in South Korea learning all about her new homeland.What about me is interesting, you might ask? I was an expat woman in Okinawa, Japan for three years before making the move to Korea.

  • Natural Beauty in a Concrete Desert

    We can imagine as a sustainability professional living in Dubai that it can be quite difficult to maintain certain eco-friendly values. Nonetheless, it seems Amruta Kshemkalyani has it all figured out and is sharing it with everyone!

  • Life From London to Abu Dhabi

    Meet Lindsey Parry, the writer who swapped the cold and drizzly life in London for the hot and steamy weather in Abu Dhabi. She is the go to blogger about what life is like in Abu Dhabi. She moved to the UAE from the UK back in 2006, shortly followed by her partner in 2007. After spending a brief Christmas together in Dubai in 2006 he asked her to join him in marriage! He couldn’t have picked a more perfect location for the proposal, the gorgeous beaches of Dubai. They later got married on the b

  • Writing, Traveling and Eating Well

    We have all said it: “I am only going to stay in my host country for one year". 7 years later you are still enjoying being an #ExpatWoman. Courtney Brandt originally moved from Los Angeles to Dubai in late 2007, then to Doha in 2011 and to Abu Dhabi in early 2014. All in, with her husband, they are about to enter our ninth year in the GCC. And they wouldn’t have it any other way.

  • Everyone Has a Little Bit of a Foodie in Them

    We all love food, and there is so much wonderful food to be enjoyed. Here at ExpatWoman we have been interviewing people who are telling their stories through food. From professional chefs, mums, caterers or just good food lovers there is an array of foodies sharing there top tips and stories with us. Foodies are not just hedonists who enjoy the pleasures of life but they also believe in the stories of what each dish has to say.

  • Meet the Magic Behind ExpatWoman

    Meet our Beccy, she is the Leeds lass who is one of the vital people behind ExpatWoman. She loves life down in the marina and is an avid writer. Her keen eye for detail and passion brings all the latest information right to your finger tips. She makes all the magic happen, and really is a walking encyclopaedia about what's happening in Dubai.

  • Straight From University into Expat Life.

    Meet Victoria Stewart-Wooler, she is the British girl who knew Dubai was the perfect place to start her career. After recently graduating from university in the UK she was offered a fantastic chance to work in Dubai and couldn't say no!

  • Meet EW’s Social Butterfly Michelle

    Meet Michelle Marezu, she is from beautiful Zimbabwe and one of the vibrant members of the EW team. She works very hard here at our office but always makes time to engage with friends and family around the world! She really understands what it is like to be an #ExpatWoman.

  • The Expat Partner’s Survival Guide

    Meet Clara Wiggins, she started life as an #ExpatWoman, and has never looked back! She's lived everywhere from Cuba to Pakistan, the UK to South Africa. Find out more about her journey with this interview!

  • The Adventures of a Girl Wearing Pearls

    "What does that say about that strip of desert straddled by the Persian Gulf?” asks Jan Constable, who at the age of 73, has begun to tell her tale of moving to the then, Trucial Oman States.

  • The Stylish Girl who Knows How to Live Loud

    Meet Linda Dekkers, she learnt how to push her boundaries which inspired her to follow her true passions. Together with her husband and two young sons, she moved to Dubai from New York City and was able to connect, develop and create her passion!

  • Expat Man: How to Search for a Life Less Ordinary

    As part of a first on ExpatWoman, we had a chat with a guy who encourages people to live their life to the fullest. From all the way in Australia, meet Russell VJ Ward! He teaches us that we can live the life that you dream of! Follow his journey, starting here...

  • A Youth Exchange that Changed Destiny

    Meet Angela Stratta, Teacher, writer and blogger. She left the UK for love and has never looked back. While she was growing up in the South east of England she did not have a clue that one day she would marry a handsome Italian let alone move away from her home country.

  • A Curious Bug

    Meet Sarah, She considers herself a curious Bug - an explorer if you like. From Perth, Western Australia, her husband and two small children aged 3 and 4 have made the moved to Manila, The Philippines. Her husband’s job as a Project Manager brought them here. She saw this as a wonderful opportunity to explore new avenues – to repurpose her life, and change in career direction. Learn about her Expat life as an Australian living in Manila

  • Enjoy All the Different Things for You, Not Others

    Meet Leigh Pratt, this ExpatWoman was born in Hartlepool, England. They are known as “Monkey Hangers”, and the town has a unique historic story. She moved to Nigeria and loved her experience. She is now living in beautiful Pulau Penang, Malaysia. This super busy woman who advises any fellow expat: "go with open eye & mind and try to enjoy all the different things for you."

  • What is it like to live in Abu Dhabi?

    That's a question that is often googled! So here we have a series of interviews with our readers who live in Abu Dhabi sharing their advice and top tips with you!

  • Enjoy the Beauty of the World Before you Settle Down

    Meet Fiorella Nguyen, an newly wed and a new #expatwoman in Singapore. Using this Asian city as her 'hub' she is exploring all Asia has to offer her.

  • One Foot in Both Worlds

    Meet Lee, an expat who lives in Rotterdam in the Netherlands with her husband and child, and read her adventures about life as an expat woman, picnics, the library and the joy of having one foot in both worlds!

  • From Burnley to The Netherlands

    Read about Sarah Johnson's expatriate expriences in our in-depth interview! Everything from The Netherlands, to culture shocks, to learning to speak Dutch. Where were you born and where did you grow up? I was born and bred in Burnley, in Lancashire, in the North-West of England. I gained a degree in European Business in Hull...

  • An Expat, Mother, Wife and Writer

    Meet Manika, she is the inspirational mother who loves to write! She knows what the balancing act is like of being a mother and pursuing your own passions too. She lives in Dubai with her daughter. She is loving life in the UAE and enjoys walking around to inhale all Dubai has to offer.

  • The Happy Foodie Bringing Malaysia to Dublin

    Meet Anes Syafiza the Malaysia foodie. Anes has just returned from spreading her love of Malaysian cuisine all over the Emerald Isle

  • Brooke Rundle: The American Expat in Nicaragua

    Meet Brooke Rundle, a woman who hopped from a life in California in the United States, all the way to San Juan del Sur in Nicaragua. We had the chance to ask her a few questions about expatriate life, and how she manages to keep in the festive spirit around the holidays!

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