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Expat guide to Libya

Expat guide to Libya

Living in Libya

Libya’s historical past reflects the glory of the ancient civilizations that resided within the country. Although, the just concluded civil uprising has caused the nation some grief and has rendered the major cities unsafe for travel. If you are venturing to Libya soon, check out some bits of information we’ve collated.

Libya Tripoli

Expat Clubs

Libya Expats
This page is dedicated for Expatriates working and living and Libya. Meet other expats and find out what other expats are organizing and doing around Libya both for fun and business.
FB: www.facebook.com/pages/Libya-Expats/516134768408258
Expat Moms in Libya
Intended as a support group and forum to exchange experiences and help each other out while raising children as an expatriate in Libya.
Website: groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/expat_moms_in_Libya/info

International Schools 

International School of Martyrs ISM
ISM International School is located in Tripoli, Libya and was founded in 1958. The school has approximately 700 students divided evenly between the elementary school and the high school. The school offers an English language curriculum from Kindergarten to Grade 12 leading to an Irish Leaving Certificate.
Curriculum: British
Address: Hai Andalus - Tripoli, Libya
Tel: +218 21 477 4285, +218 21 477 0094
Fax: +218 21 477 3185
Email: ism@ismschool.com
Website: www.ismschool.com/
Tripoli World Academy
The Tripoli World Academy is based on the British Curriculum.  The pedagogy in the academy emphasizes outcome based learning and an assessment methodology that maintains high academic standards.
Curriculum: British
Address: Sarraj, Tripoli
Tel: +218 91 220 3203
Email: admission@tripoliworldacademy.com
Website: tripoliworldacademy.com/
International School of Benghazi
The school occupies a newly built school on Al Hawaree Road, approximately 7 km outside of Benghazi. With large outdoor play areas, the school is a safe and supportive place for students and staff to work together to achieve success. They follow the British Cambridge curriculum at Primary school level and the National Curriculum for England in Secondary school. The Libyan Government requirements are structured to meet the needs of the students and maintain the standards of the school. The subjects include Arabic language, Islamic Studies, Libyan History and Citizenship. There is a mosque within the school grounds available to students and staff.
Curriculum: British
Tel: +218 61 4700005
Email: info@isb.com.ly
Website: www.isb.com.ly/

Local News in English

Libya Herald
Libya Herald is an English-language news service that brings local news, business, fatures and opinion on events within and around Libya.
Website: www.libyaherald.com/#axzz38xKAjDCz
Tripoli Post
The Tripoli Post and The Tripoli Post OnLine focuses on serving readers by making information available with regard to Libya’s politics, business, culture, sports, history and the country’s dynamic growing population. This is in addition to covering world events.
Website: www.tripolipost.com/

Country Information 

Location:         Africa
Capital City:    Trípoli
Other Important Cities:         
Currency:        Dinar
Language:       Arabic
Calling Code:   218
Internet TLD:   .ly
Electricity: The country runs on 127/230V 50Hz.
Emergency Numbers:
Country Information
Country Study

Embassy Information


Residents Visa and Work Permit information

Citizens from Egypt, Jordan, Tunisia, Turkey and United States may enter the country visa-free. There are some conditions: Egyptians residents from Matrouh may enter on Wednesdays and Thursdays; Jordanians may only visit for up to 1 month; Turkish expats can visit for up to three months; and US citizens will need a letter from a Libyan company sponsoring their visit. Aside from these regulations and exemptions, all nationals must obtain a visa through a Libyan embassy or consulate. Israeli citizens and nationals whose passports have been stamped by Israeli immigration will not be allowed in the country.
Longer stay normally is for employment purposes, a sponsoring company is needed to obtain a long-term visa with a work permit.
Documents required
  • Formal letter of invitation from Libyan employer
  • Passport (must be valid for at least 6 months and have one page free for Libyan visa)
  • Official Arabic translation of the vital pages of passport
  • 2 x colour passport photographs
  • Copy of round-trip air tickets or itinerary to and from Libya
  • Visa fees
  • Completed visa application form
The US Government has warned against inessential travel to Libya due to political instability:
The Department of State warns U.S. citizens against all travel to Libya and recommends that U.S. citizens currently in Libya depart immediately.  On July 26, the U.S. Embassy suspended all embassy operations in Libya and relocated staff, due to ongoing violence between Libyan militias in the immediate vicinity of the Embassy.  This Travel Warning supersedes the Travel Warning issued on May 27, 2014. – US Passport and International Travel:


Employed expats in Libya would normally have their accommodations arranged by their employers. Housing locations are normally closer to amenities such as banks, supermarkets, clinics and other necessary services. Foreigners usually live close to one another. The wake of the civil uprising has given Libya the chance to expand and progress. Rental prices have dropped and accommodations are plentiful. 1 bedroom apartments range from $350 to $550, while 3 bedroom apartments range from $630 to $980 per month; it rental prices vary based on the unit’s proximity to the city center.


The medical facilities in Libya are below standard and limited. Expats prefer going to private clinics for better healthcare services. In extreme cases, foreign residents would travel outside of Libya elsewhere for more complicated treatments. Cash payments for medical treatment should also be expected. It is highly recommended to obtain health insurance that covers or reimburses the cost of medical treatments and especially repatriation and evacuation.
Insurance Companies
Cigna Global
International Medical Insurance - three levels of essential core cover, Silver, Gold and Platinum to choose from. Theircore policies cover for inpatient, day case surgery and accommodation costs. In addition, essential cover for cancer and psychiatric care are provided for. International l Medical Evacuation is an optional benefit.
Website: www.cignaglobal.com/
St. James Hospital Libya
Saint James Hospital Libya first opened its doors in 2006 with a small specialized clinic in Ben Ashour, the heart of the Libyan Capital City. Since then the clinic has gradually expanded its services to offer a wide range of medical services supported by an experienced team of local and foreign, resident and visiting medical consultants.
Address: Wesayat El Bderi Nofleen, Tripoli – Libya
Tel: +218 7113092, +218 7190843, +218 913358962
Email: gm@stjhlibya.com
Website: www.stjhlibya.com/
Alsalaam Medical Center
Address: Janzour, Circular Road,Tripoli, Libya
Tel: +218 21 489 8025
Fax: +218 21 489 1490
Website: amc.ly
Al Razi Clinic
Address: Al-Del Street, Ben Ashour, Tripoli, Libya
Tel: +218 92 849 1213
Fax: +218 92 849 1213

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