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Living in Madagascar

Located off the Eastern coast of Africa, Madagascar is a popular tourist destination for those longing for an island retreat. The peaceful country exudes its eclectic mix of cultures from Chinese, Indians and Arabs. If you’re on your way to this charming island, take a look at some important information to help you in your stay.


Expat Clubs

There are no expat meet up clubs as such in Madagascar and most expats communicate online through websites such as ExpatWoman.com.

International Schools 

American School of Antanarivo (ASA)
The American School of Antananarivo (ASA) was founded in September, 1969 as an independent, non-sectarian, co-educational day school. Its function is to provide an excellent education in an international setting to children through the twelfth grade. The curriculum is that of a U.S. academic preparatory school and instruction is in English. The school also provides coursework in French, Spanish, music, art, computers, health, physical education, instruction in English as a second language and a variety of other subjects.
Curriculum: American
Address: LOT II-J-161-A Ambodivoanjo-Ivandry, B.P. 1717 - 101 Antananarivo, Madagascar
Tel: +261 20 22 420 39, +261 20 22 534 33
Email: admin_assistant@asamadagascar.org
Website: www.asamadagascar.org/
Lycée français de Tananarive
This school provides classes from pre-Kindergarten to High School. The school follows the French curriculum and language used in classrooms are both English and French.
Curriculum: French
Address: Soarano, Antananarivo, Madagascar
Tel: +261 20 22 415 13
Website: www.egd.mg/
Lycee Prive Chrysalide
The Chrysalis School has 22 part-time teachers, who all have at least 5 years of teaching experience, in addition to the director, who also teaches the school’s English language classes.
Address: B.P. 242, Ivato, Madagascar
Website: www.chrysalismadagascar.com/

Local News in English

AllAfrica – Madagascar
AllAfrica publishes around 2,000 reports a day from more than 130 news organizations and over 200 other institutions and individuals, representing a diversity of positions on every topic. They publish news and views ranging from vigorous opponents of governments to government publications and spokespersons.
Website: allafrica.com/madagascar/
Madonline is written by a non profit organization of independent journalists in Madagascar : AsMedia. Most of these journalists have followed the professionnal training program at the University of Antananarivo.
Website: www.madonline.com/

Country Information 

Location: Africa
Capital City: Antananarivo
Other Important Cities: Malagasy Ariary
Language: Malagasy, French
Calling Code: 261
Internet TLD: .mg
Electricity: The country runs on 220V 50Hz. The electricity provider in the country is the state-owned Jirama.
Website: www.jirama.mg/
Country Information

Embassy Information

Moving to Madagascar? We found this website really useful for finding all the local embassies.


Residents Visa and Work Permit information

Foreigners from all countries must obtain a visa to enter and stay in the country for a limited time not more than 90 days. Visas can be secured upon arrival at the airport. There are different visa fees according to the purpose of the short-stay visa, for detailed information please visit this site: www.madagascar-embassy.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/visa_instructions_application_form.pdf
Long-term visas, are applied for at the Madagascar Ministry of Interior. This is valid for one month and can be extended only once.
There are international vaccination certificates required before entry in Madagascar: Yellow fever, cholera, hepatitis A and Malaria.


Travel to Madagascar is limited to short-stays like tourism, volunteering and research. Expats normally book their hotel accommodations in advance. The capital Antananarivo has many cheap but adequate hotels.

Apartments are also available and can go for $162 to $230 for 1 bedroom, $416 to $554 for 3 bedrooms.

Driving License

Expats may use an international driving license to drive legally in Madagascar. Here’s some info from the US Passport and International Travel about driving in Madagascar:
Except for Antananarivo’s main streets and a few well-maintained routes to outlying cities, many roads are in various states of disrepair. Some may be impassable during the November-March rainy season. Night travel by private or public transportation outside Antananarivo is strongly discouraged, due to poor lighting and road conditions. Roads tend to be narrow and winding with many one-lane bridges and blind curves, and most roads outside of main routes and city centers are cobblestone, gravel, or packed dirt. Most vehicles tend to drive in the center of the road unless another vehicle is present. It is common to find livestock or human-drawn carts in the middle of the road, even at night. Local practice is to blow the horn before going around a curve, to let others know of one's presence. There are few pedestrian crosswalks and no working traffic signals.
Travel within Antananarivo can be difficult with poor road signage, streets congested with pedestrians, bicycles, animal carts, vehicular traffic, and an abundance of one-way streets. Taxis are plentiful and are generally reasonably priced. Bargain for the fare prior to getting into a vehicle. Most accidents are pedestrian-related, due to narrow roads and lack of sidewalks on many streets. When traveling between cities, travelers must have clear directions as there are rarely signs indicating where one must turn to reach a destination. Conditions of rural roads can degrade significantly and with little notice during the rainy season.
Please visit: travel.state.gov/content/passports/english/country/madagascar.html


The healthcare facilities in Madagascar are poor and below Western standards. Medical services are mostly concentrated in the capital, and are adequate especially for emergency cases. Expats are advised to stock up on personal medications as refills may not be available in the country.
It is important to obtain a comprehensive health insurance that can cover or reimburse costs of treatments and in extreme cases medical evacuation.
Health Insurance
Cigna Global
International Medical Insurance - three levels of essential core cover, Silver, Gold and Platinum to choose from. Their core policies cover for inpatient, day case surgery and accommodation costs. In addition, essential cover for cancer and psychiatric care are provided for. International l Medical Evacuation is an optional benefit.
Website: www.cignaglobal.com/
Hopital Josephe Ravoahangy
Address: Andrianavalona, Ampefiloha, Antananarivo, 101, Madagascar
Tel: +261 2 279 79
Espace Medical
Address:  65 bis Rue Pasteur, Rabary, Antananarivo, Madagascar
Tel: +261 20 23 625 66
Clinic St. Francois d'Assise
Address: Lalana Dokotera Rajaonale, Ankadifotsy, Antananarivo, 101, Madagascar
Tel: +261 32 12 230 95
Clinic Saint Francois d'Assise
Address: Lalana Dokotera Rajaonale, Ankadifotsy, Antananarivo 101, Madagascar
Tel: +261 2 230 95
Fax: +261 2 230 95
Centre de Diagnostic de Tananarive
Address: BP 5120 – 101, Lot IVL - 176 Anosivavaka, Ambohimanarina, Antananarivo, Madagascar
Tel: +261 2 30760

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