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Handy guide on relocating to Mauritius

Handy guide on relocating to Mauritius

Living in Mauritius

The known beginnings of Mauritius dates back in the 16th century being discovered by Arab sailors. From then history unravels bringing other settlers, predominantly the French, shaping what Mauritius has become nowadays – a picturesque, sought after, island destination and home for a few able expats. If you’re one of those planning to move to Mauritius, don’t miss our handy guide.


Expat Clubs

There are no expat meet up clubs as such in Mauritius and most expats communicate online through websites such as ExpatWoman.com.

International Schools 

Northfields International Highschool
Northfields International High School (NIHS) is a privately owned secondary school situated in Mapou, district of Pamplemousse in the north. From its small beginnings in 2001 NIHS has now over 280 students. NIHS offers three stages of secondary education, namely; Junior High School being form 1 – 3; Middle Year Program being from 4 – 5; Cambridge A levels and International Bacclaureate Diploma being forms lower 6 and upper 6.
Curriculum: British, International Baccalaureate
Address: Main Road, Labourdonnais Village, Mapou, Mauritius
Tel: +230 266 9448/9
Fax: +230 266 9447
Email: office@northfieldsonline.com
Website: www.northfieldsonline.com/
Le Bocage International School
Le Bocage International School (LBIS) offers an international secondary school education to boys and girls aged between 11 and 19. It officially opened its doors in January 1990. In the years since its inception, the school has grown rapidly and has achieved an international character providing a well-balanced education responsive to the needs of more than 650 students. LBIS offers International GCSE and International Baccalaureate examinations.
Curriculum: IGCSE, International Baccalaureate
Address: Mount Ory, Moka, Mauritius
Tel: +230 433 9900
Fax: +230 433 4914
Email: lbis@intnet.mu
Website: www.lebocage.net/

International Preparatory School
The school is managed by a Board of Governors, elected from the parent body. A management team ensures that the school buildings and their environs are well-maintained at all times. I.P.S. keeps in close contact with international curriculum developments through subscriptions to educational periodicals from England, Australia and the U.S.A. Teachers also attend seminars overseas and University Summer Courses.
Address: B43, Beau Plateu Rd. Mauritius
Tel: +230-2661973, +230-2662238, +230-2662239
Website: www.ips-mu.com/
Alexandra House School
They are a private English Primary day school in Mauritius for boys and girls between 4½ and 11 years of age. They cater for approximately 100 children and provide a British curriculum with a strong international flavour. Pupils come mainly from the expatriate, but also from the local community. They are of many different nationalities, races and creeds but share English as a common language. Staff are fully qualified, native English speakers now permanently resident in Mauritius.
Curriculum: British
Address:   King George V Avenue, Floreal, Mauritius
Tel: +230 696 4108
Fax: +230 696 4108
Email: admin@alexandrahouseschool.com, adminahs@intnet.mu
Website: www.alexandrahouseschool.com/
Westcoast International Primary School
Westcoast International Primary School is an English-medium private school located on the scenic west coast of Mauritius. They offer the International Primary Curriculum (IPC).
Curriculum: IPC
Address: Flic en Flac Road, Cascavelle, MAURITIUS
Tel: +230 452 9193
Fax: +230 452 9194
Website: www.wipschool.com/

Local News in English

Mauritius News
This is an English-language news site that covers local news and events within the country.
Website: www.mauritiusnews.co.uk/

Country Information 

Country Information for Mauritius
Location: Africa
Capital City: Port Louis
Currency: Mauritian rupee
Language: French, English
Calling Code: +230
Internet TLD: .mu
Electricity: Mauritius runs on 220V or 125V 50Hz. The Central Electricity Board is the sole transmitter and distributor of the power in the country. They produce about 40% of power.
Address: Royal Road, Curepipe, Mauritius
Tel: +230 601 1100
Fax: +230 675 7958
Email: ceb@intnet.mu
Website: ceb.intnet.mu/
Emergency Numbers:
Medical: 999, 114
Fire: 995, 115
Police: 999, 112
Country Information

Embassy Information


Residents Visa and Work Permit information

The following countries are required to obtain a visa prior to travel: Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Kosovo, Laos, Libya, Mali, North Korea, Pakistan, Palestine, Philippines, Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic, Somalia, Sri Lanka, Sudan, South Sudan, Syria, Taiwan, Vietnam, Yemen. The rest are either exempted from visa regulations or are eligible for visa on arrival. The Mauritian Passport and Immigration Office has a full list of visa regulations and exemptions for each country.
A residence permit is required to stay in the country beyond 90 days or the duration of a tourist visa. There are two cases that can enable an expat to extend their stay in Mauritius: Employment, or marriage with a Mauritian citizen. Expats on tourist visas may not apply for a residence permit in the country. Expats who have secured employment with a Mauritian company or a sponsor, or self-employed individuals who can show proof of substantial income are eligible for an employment residence permit and work permit. Applications will be submitted to the Prime Minister’s Office, either by the sponsor or a representative.

Documents required:
  • Application Form to Enter Mauritius to be filled and signed by the applicant or by representative on his behalf.
  • Two recent passport size photographs of the applicant and his dependents where applicable.
  • Photocopy of the data pages of applicant's passport.
  • Letter of sponsor from the company or local counterpart.
  • Documentary evidence that work permit has been applied for.
  • Applicant to produce documentary evidence of family relationship, if accompanied by family or any dependent i.e. birth and marriage certificates.
  • Applicant's children, who have attained the age of 18 years, should apply for residence permit separately with sponsoring letter from parents.
For detailed information about visas and residency, please visit the Mauritian Prime Minister’s Office site >> 


The country is divided into districts that host villages, towns and cities. Port Louis is the smallest, yet the densest in terms of population. Brimming with industrial, commercial and cultural energy, Port Louis serves as a melting pot of cultures from around the world. Despite the urban progress of this district, it still retains its historical traces through the contrasting colonial architecture. Expats wishing to experience Mauritian culture at its finest, will like it here. However apartment rentals can be steep, considering all Port Louis has to offer. 1 bedroom apartments are rented between $596 to  $830, 3 bedrooms average about $1,500 per month.

Curepipe on the other hand has cheaper rents with 1 bedroom apartments at $200, and 3 bedrooms at $325 to $1,300 per month, depending on location. Curepipe is a rainy city, owing its nearly daily drizzle to the city’s elevation. The climate in Curepipe is pleasant and cool even in summer months. Elegantly colonial, the city is a residential town, tranquil and quiet.

Driving License

Expats may use a valid domestic license and an international license to drive legally in Mauritius for one month. Beyond that, they will have to secure a Mauritian driving license. This can be done through the Traffic Department at the nearest police station.

Documents required:
  1. Birth Certificate
  2. Transaction ID from online registration at www.gov.mu
  3. National Identity Card or Student Card
  4. Marriage Certificate (if applicable)
  5. Original Work and Residence Permit + Passport (for non-Mauritian citizens)
For more information please visit the Mauritius Police Force site >>  


Public hospitals offer free medical care, however expats prefer private services. Private healthcare in Mauritius is good and adequate, however it can be costly. Extreme, complicated cases and treatments are referred to neighboring Reunion island and South Africa. It is very important to obtain health insurance that can cover expensive medical evacuations.

Insurance Companies
Swan Group
The Swan Group, one of the market leaders in the insurance sector in Mauritius, operates through Swan Insurance Company Limited for short term insurance business and The Anglo-Mauritius Assurance Society Limited for life assurance, pensions, actuarial and investment business.
Website: swan.mu/
Mauritius Union General Insurance
Mauritius Union General Insuranceforms part of the Mauritius Union Groupsince January 2011. The company offers a wide range of general insurance products - short term plans for both individuals and corporate bodies.
Address: 4, Léoville L’Homme Street, Port-Louis, Mauritius
Tel: +230 207 5500
Fax: +230 212 2962
Website: www.mauritiusunion.com/
Apollo Bramwell Hospital
With the opening of the 200-bed multidisciplinary Apollo Bramwell Hospital Mauritius, every individual is now within reach of healthcare at the highest international standards of patient care, superior technology and medical expertise with wide-ranging facilities all under one roof. Apollo Bramwell Hospital is in Moka, Mauritius which is centrally located, just a stone’s-throw away from the main highway, giving easy access to the rest of the island.
Address: Moka, Republic of Mauritius
Tel: +230 605 1000
Fax: +230 605 1100
Email: info@apollobramwell.com
Website: www.apollobramwell.com/
Fortis Clinique Darne
Fortis Clinique Darné is one of the oldest, yet most modern hospitals in Mauritius. Founded in April 1953 by Dr. Francois Darné, "Clinique Darné" was rechristened Fortis Clinique Darné in January 2009; when Fortis Healthcare Limited, amongst India's largest healthcare providers joined hands with a diversified Mauritian Industrial Group CIEL (through its subsidiary Novelife Limited) to jointly acquire a controlling stake in this, the largest private hospital on the Island.
Address: Georges Guibert Street, Floréal, Mauritius
Tel: +230 601 2300
Fax: +230 696 3612
Email: clinique@cliniquedarne.com
Website: www.fortiscliniquedarne.com/
City Clinic
Address: Sir Edgar Laurent Street, Port Louis, Mauritius
Tel: +230 220 486
Clinique de Lorette
Address: Higgingson Street, Curepipe, Mauritius
Tel: +230 675 2911
Victoria Hospital
Address: Candos Candos Vacoas Rd, Quatre Bornes, Mauritius
Tel: +230 425 3031
Website: www.gov.mu
Flacq Hospital
Address: Central Flacq, Mauritius
Tel: +230 413 2532
Website: www.gov.mu

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