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01/04/2012 17:42:59
Aw thanks so much ladies. I do feel much better today and have taken myself out and about. Guess we all have days like that sometimes but once again thanks for all your kindness.


Barbie doll
Posts 775

01/04/2012 14:32:22
Hope u r feeling better? xx

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01/04/2012 10:38:55
Sue62 wrote:
How are you feeling today ?

hey how are you alll ??????????

Catherine Abigail
Posts 218

01/04/2012 08:49:49
Everyone has days like this, but when it is happening to you it feels like the world is about to end. This forum is a good place to vent and hear what others have to say. It’s free and there is no commitment, so use it! It just might help.

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01/04/2012 08:31:45
How are you feeling today ?

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31/03/2012 20:18:49
All of us have these moments every once in a while. I hope that you cheer up soon!

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31/03/2012 19:00:15
where do you live ? maybe there's a friend here waiting for you ...

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31/03/2012 18:37:40
Sending hugs,there are so many days when I over think things and get myself in a tizzy... Hope you can work through what is making you sad and tomorrow will be a better day.....Take care xxxx

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31/03/2012 18:04:39
*Hugs*. I hope you feel better. There are days where I feel so down and others I feel life isn't so bad.

If it's something specific maybe the people on here can help you with it.

Posts 62

31/03/2012 18:00:30
Thanks for the replies. All really s**t at mo and probably shouldn't have put it on here. But feel friendless.

Posts 70

31/03/2012 17:51:36
what happened Lazydays? I'm sure someone on here can help or at least give a bit of comfort to you.

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31/03/2012 17:51:12
Poor you, sounds dreadful. Has something bad happened? Is there anyone that you can turn to for help?

Posts 7175

31/03/2012 17:50:24
is there something specific we can help with or just a general "life is sh!t" feeling ?

Posts 62

31/03/2012 17:48:16
Thanks. All a bit much and havn't got a soul to turn to. Thats how it feels anyway.

Posts 7175

31/03/2012 17:43:46
lazydays wrote:
Sorry to vent but i just feel so sad. If it can go t*ts up it will it..... And it has.

sorry to hear that Hard to say anything that doesn't sound flip...

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31/03/2012 17:42:59
Oh-no idea what is wrong but so sorry you are feeling so down-hope you have someone nearby the talk things over with-sending cyber hugs

Posts 62

31/03/2012 17:39:07
Sorry to vent but i just feel so sad. If it can go t*ts up it will it..... And it has.

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