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Expat Forum

Welcome to ExpatWoman.com

Thank you for looking at joining our site. Please take a minute to read the below information before taking the next step. Established in 2001, we are a free and friendly community website for female expats across the Middle East with over 30,000 registered members from many nationalities.

The website features constantly updated articles and news across a wide range of subjects, as well as classified ads, job listings, information forums and event listings.

Join Our Site

By joining the site you will get access to post on the information forum, enter our competitions and receive our newsletters. Membership of the site is for WOMEN ONLY.


Your email address will be added to the mailing list of your choice, and we will keep you updated with site news and events. We send out a maximum of two per week and we don't sell our mailing list to third parties. Read Our Privacy Policy>>

Forum Usage

ExpatWoman hosts several forums as a service for readers to exchange advice with other expat women.

The main rules for contributing to the forums include NOT posting:

  • messages that are culturally or personally, insulting or insensitive
  • messages that include bad language
  • messages that promote social groups /activities on these boards
  • messages arranging to meet others
  • messages promoting your commercial interests- advertising on the forums is not allowed

If the forum rules are contravened site membership may be cancelled. We also reserve the right to pass on registration information to local authorities in the case of legal action. You agree to be held responsible for your personal use of the forum and of your user name and password.

Please email admin@expatwoman.com with any queries

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