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Welcome to ExpatWoman Singapore!

ExpatWoman.com is the best community website for all the information you need about living in Singapore as an expat. If you are wondering things like… Should we move to Singapore? Where will we live in Singapore? Which school should I send our children to? What will life be like in Singapore? How can I get a job in Singapore? How will we meet other expats? What events are happening in Singapore? You are in the right place! Let us be your Singapore guide. The ExpatWoman.com website is written by women, for women- for expats living in or relocating to Singapore. We want to enable expats to connect, participate and share and have a great Information Forum for this- where you can look for advice and help others too.
  • Schools in Singapore

    Schools in Singapore

    Choosing a school for your little ones can be a daunting task and one of the top worries for many expats- don't panic! We've got a whole section dedicated to education in Singapore. The section features all the many nurseries, kindergartens, primary and secondary schools and universities that appeal to expats. There is a wide choice and the educational standard is high.

  • Families In Singapore

    Families In Singapore

    Want to know about bringing your family to Singapore? Or starting your family as an expat? We have all the information from getting married to bringing your kids over, getting your visas sorted and getting insurance cover. We also have a fantastic section on giving birth in the country. This will help you find ideas and the info you need to kick start your life.

  • Pets & Vets

    Pets & Vets

    Are you planning to relocate with your pet or you want to adopt an animal in Singapore? Want to know about local vets and their services? Looking to rescue an abandoned animal or foster? We have all the information regarding pets and pet services right here. We know that your pets are part of the family and Singaporean laws on animal relocations make it easy for you to move with them.

  • Discover Singapore

    Discover Singapore

    New to Singapore? Take a peek into our guide where we take a look at everything from the climate and geography to what it is like to live in Singapore. The country has a very interesting history and even has its own dialect, Singlish. Find out all you need to know about the language, currency and so much more right here.

  • Events in Singapore

    Events in Singapore

    Want to be in the know about all the fab events going on in and around Singapore? We keep our events section filled with info about coffee mornings, parties, mum's and tots days and different kinds of outings. Let us help you get your social diary filled up and get you out and about! We list as many events as we can find.

  • Expat Clubs & Societies

    Expat Clubs & Societies

    When you move to a new county it's really important to start building your social network, find friends and have some hobbies- we don't want you feeling lonely or bored! It can be hard being away from family and friends. There are so many clubs in Singapore that you can join- we've got them all here for you.

  • Top Tips For Life In Singapore

    Top Tips For Life In Singapore

    We've got a special FAQs section packed full of information about life in Singapore as an expat. Everything is covered from how to get your Residence Permit, how to exchange your driving license, how to hire a maid and set up her visa, how to set up your utilities bill, where can you play golf- and so much more! It gets updated regulary so that we can give you the best info.

  • Sightseeing


    There is a lot to see and do in Singapore from historical sites, museums and the Merlion to shops, parks, beaches, the famous Singapore Zoo! There are some amazing sights to be seen! You can take a cable car to Sentosa Island, see some amazing animals at the night safari and so much more. Take a look here to see the sights you must not miss out on.

  • Singapore Information Forum

    Singapore Information Forum

    Join our site to become a member and you can post way on our information forum- or you can read without being a member. It's full of real and useful information from other women who live in Singapore and helps you get those niggly questions answered from people with first hand experience on expat life in Singapore. Visit our forum to join in the conversation today.

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