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business startup awards

Congratulations Nichola Fisher, the woman behind Rock It Science, for winning the Women of Tomorrow Award 2016!

The Women of Tomorrow Award, brought to you by ExpatWoman.com in association with Emirates NBD Business Banking, was created to assist one woman in making the transition of turning an idea into a real business.

Now following two months of the competition, in which almost 500 great ideas were originally entered, the judges have picked their winner!


We'd like to thank everyone for their incredible support throughout this entire competition; the initial response amount of entries received was fantastic, and it was hard work for us to pick our first set of twelve finalists.

Then thanks to you in the public vote, in which almost 6000 votes were cast, the six finalists were picked and headed for the judging panel...

At the judging panel, our final six presented their start-up pitches in our "Dragon's Den" style set-up. It was a hard decision they faced, as every single one of our six finalists gave their all and very best in their presentations! Well done to you all!

A huge congratulations to Nichola for winning this year's award, she will receive a whopping AED 100,000 prize to help Rock It Science and give it that extra support in its future ventures.

Congratulations also to our two runners-up, Hina Sayeed with First Crust and Sarah Jackson with Deco Arabia, who alongside Nichola, will also receive an exclusive package from Imar Spa, including an overnight stay, massages and various beauty treatments.

Here's a great round-up video of the entire competition, we hope you enjoy watching! 



Meet the Women of The Women of Tomorrow Award 2016

Every single one of our six finalists have a unique and fantastic business start-up or idea, and all are so very different from each other. From the delicious crusty pies of First Crust, to the adorably cute baby floaties from Baby Spa Dubai, all of them offer a product/service that will enrich their customers.

Vote for Nichola | Rock It Science | Women Of Tomorrow

WINNER! Nichola and Rock It Science 

Nichola received 1,284 votes... 21.70% of the total public vote! 

Science is not all about theoretical knowledge; it is a skills based subject that children can learn about and question. They can figure out why things happen and most importantly, they can have fun while doing so along the way! This is where Nichola and Rock It Science steps in.

Rock It Science is a new concept that makes learning fun, and is sure to have your kids asking to learn more! Learn more about what these cracking parties involve, and see just exactly what's in store when you book with Rock It Science.


Vote for Hina | First Crust | Women Of TomorrowRunner-Up: Hina and First Crust

Hina received 935 votes... 15.80% of the total public vote!

Have you ever had a sudden craving for a good old-fashioned, home-made apple pie? Or blueberry? Key lime, or peach? Yep, we know that feeling, too. And getting your hands on one to help satisfy those cravings of yours is a hard task as it's not often you come across an old faithful, home-made pie out and about

Here's the good news... Now you'll be able to quash those cravings with Hina Sayeed's brand new foodie-loving idea, First Crust. We have no doubt your sweet tooth will be completely satisfied! 

Vote for sarah | Deco Arabia | Women Of TomorrowRunner-Up: Sarah and Deco Arabia

Sarah received 505 votes... 8.54% of the total public vote! 

We’ve all had our moment of weakness, when we purchased that expensive piece of art work, in the name of decoration! It’s fair to say that we all want to impress our guests with the best looking things, and our houses and offices are no exception. After all, who doesn’t love a beautifully decorated interior space anyways?

If you’re one of those people who want the latest and greatest of all things decoration, then look no further than Deco Arabia. Here's Sarah, who explains that her passion for photography and printmaking inspired Deco Arabia.

Vote for Nada | Wander With Nada | Women Of TomorrowFinalist: Nada and Wander With Nada

Nada received 468 votes... 7.91% of the total votes!
Meet Nada Badran, a business woman with a passion and drive to ensure everyone visiting Dubai really gets to see exactly what the emirate has to offer.

We all know there's so much more to Dubai than malls, fancy hotels and beaches, and it is these hidden treasures that Nada is determined to bring to the forefront of the tourism industry that exists here, in a fun, fresh and modern way that caters for any woman eager to explore.

Vote for Anghel | Baby Spa Dubai | Women Of TomorrowFinalist: Anghel and Baby Spa Dubai

Anghel received 964 votes... 16.20% of the total public vote!

We can all understand the feeling when napping, nursing and being cute becomes a little too exhausting that we just can't cope. Right? We're lucky as adults, there's plenty of options that we can choose from that we consider a pamper session, or a spot of "me" time. But what about the babies in our lives?

Well, now they have the option of being pampered at a new baby spa that one woman, wants to bring to the UAE! That's right parents, this is Baby Spa Dubai. And you have every right to be jealous of your little one.

Vote for Lissa | Not Alone Gifts | Women Of TomorrowFinalist: Lissa and Not Alone Gifts

Lissa received 589 votes... 9.96% of the total votes! 

Born and inspired from her own personal experiences, Lissa Rogers hopes to provide women with the things they really need through the most difficult time of their lives.

The birth of Not Alone followers her own experience as a breast cancer patient back in 2014, during which she found it difficult to discover any sort of comfort during her treatments. 

And thus, her idea for Not Alone came about, driven by one woman's passion to help others.

Who Were Our Judges?

We invited three business experts to join us as our judges for this year's Women of Tomorrow Award... Click on their images below to find out more about them and the work they do! We'd like to share our thank you to Julie, David and Fida for joining us!

Julie Leblan | CEO and founder of MYLIST

Julie Leblan
CEO and Founder of MYLIST

David Moleshead | Co-Founder and Chairman at Envestors MENA Limited

David Moleshead
Co-Founder and Chairman at Envestors MENA Limited

David Moleshead | Co-Founder and Chairman at Envestors MENA Limited

Fida Chaaban 
Editor in Chief of Entrepreneur ME

What’s the prize?

Nichola and Rock It Science, the winner of the 2016 Women of Tomorrow Award will receive:

  • AED 50,000 from Emirates NBD to enable the business idea to start or to further enhance an existing small business.
  • AED 50,000 worth of advertising on ExpatWoman.com for a one year period…What new business wouldn’t benefit from being on the number 1 site for women in the region?

This valuable combination of cash plus advertising is to kick start your business needs.

Imar Spa | Women of Tomorrow

Three finalists will also receive an exclusive package from Imar Spa including an overnight stay, massages and various beauty treatments.

Well done to our other shortlisted finalists! 

We'd like to say a huge thank you and well done to the other six finalists who were shortlisted as part of the original 12! Nathalie (Dinodrops), Eunice (Al Manzeli), Nickolai (TravelBUD), Nicole (Cloth Concept), Nisha (Freshen Up) and Yana (Ribbons & Lace Craft Café)... We wish you all the very best!