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Prepare for the Holy Month of Ramadan

Are you new to the Capital and this is your first Ramadan? Don't worry - as long as you follow the laws and cultural norms, you won't face any issues. Even if this isn't your first one, it's still good to refresh your memory. Here, we have the do's and don'ts of the Holy Month - these are very important. You can also find the expected dates here! We'll keep you up to date on any announcements or school, work and public transport timings too.

  • EWfood

    Your go-to foodie guide

    Search the very best of local restaurant news, browse 1000's of recipes, enjoy cookery & baking articles and healthy eating features, food videos and more. If you're a foodie yourself, you can submit your own recipe to share with other food lovers around the world! Head to EWfood today!

  • Education 

In Abu Dhabi

    A guide to education

    If you are looking where to send your child to nursery school or kindergarten in Abu Dhabi- we've a big list for you that we've compiled, that will help you be able to make you your decision and help in your search. We also feature schools and colleges as well as all the current school fees.

  • Family Life 

In Abu Dhabi

    Family life in Abu Dhabi

    Here we take a look at all those things you need to know when settling your family into expat life. This section covers safety, pets, vets, how to get married, pregnancy, birthday party ideas, travel tips and more. It's packed full of useful information that will help you make the most of your life in the capital.

  • Things To See In Abu Dhabi

    Explore around Abu Dhabi

    Whether you are a newbie resident, having guests to come to visits or looking for new ideas of what to see and do... We've got it all here for you. Some great ideas and inspiration of all the great things to see and visit in Abu Dhabi. It's time for you to explore what the capital has to offer, don't forget your camera!

  • We answer all 

your questions!

    We answer all your questions!

    If you've ever wondered any of the following... How to pay your bills online? Where are the best beaches? How to apply for my Emirates ID? How can I check my traffic fines online... Don't panic! We've got all the answers for you from A to Z in our FAQs... Find out all the answers here!

  • What is life 

like in Abu Dhabi?

    What is life like in Abu Dhabi?

    That's a question that is often googled! So here we have conducted a series of interviews with our readers who live in Abu Dhabi sharing their advice and top tips with you! It's really good to hear direct experiences from people living and breathing in Abu Dhabi and making the most of their time here.

  • Fancy Doing Some Shopping?

    Time to go food shopping

    Get ready to shop till you drop with some of the world's best retailers based here and lots of local finds too! here we take a look at what's on offer, latest fashion trends, where to go shopping in the malls or also off the beaten track in Abu Dhabi. Purses at the ready! Comfy shoes on! Let's go!

  • House, 

Villa Or Flat Hunting?

    Types of accommodation

    We've got the perfect section for you here. With insider guides on which areas to live in, top tips, advice and all that handy information you need to find the right place to live. There's also a property search section where we have 100s of properties for rent listed for you to search.

  • Out 

& About In Abu Dhabi

    Out and about in the Capital

    We list a selection of the great events happening in the capital; from concerts to charity events. We also feature great holiday destinations if you fancy travelling and also take a closer look at books, hobbies, TV shows and movies to give you some ideas for home entertainment too.

  • Stay Fit & Healthy

    Guide to healthcare

    Here we take a look at the medical facilities available to you in Abu Dhabi. We've got a big list of hospitals and clinics for you. We take a look at how the health system works and have those all important emergency numbers for you. We've also got a section on what to do if you are pregnant with great expert advice from doulas in Abu Dhabi.

  • Keep Yourself Beautified

    Treat yourself to a pamper

    Abu Dhabi has some lovely salons and spas that will keep you in tip top condition! Find out more about them here and we've also got some great offers and deals for you from some of the city's top salons. We've also got advice and tips on looking after your skin and hair in this sometimes harsh desert environment. Find out more here.

  • Where To Exercise & 

Keep Fit

    Tips on keeping fit

    Abu Dhabi is a haven for the health conscious with many health clubs, gyms and exercise classes for ladies to choose from. If, however, you prefer to exercise on your own in the outdoors and on your own time we have compiled a list of places that you can visit for a run or a cycle. There's lots of sports clubs and groups to join too!

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