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Vehicle Registration in Abu Dhabi

Vehicle Registration in Abu Dhabi

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Car Registration in Abu Dhabi

Visit Traffic & Licensing Department, Al Muroor Street, behind the Police College

Fill in the designated form and submit the required documents, pay the fee (for a light vehicle/car its 200 dhs), collect the registration document. (Note any outstanding fines for the vehicle must be paid first)

Required documents

Required Document Special Consideration
Passport, family book, or ID card issued by the competent authority Original and copy for UAE nationals
Valid passport with residence permit Original and copy for expatriates
Employment certificate For expatriates. 
Issue date should not exceed one month
Car insurance policy for 13 months  
Driving Licence Copy
Vehicle technical test result  
Vehicle contract issued by the manufacturer or a vehicle selling agent  
Mortgage certificate Original if available
Vehicle ownership transfer certificate Original in case of ownership transfer. Certificate must be notarised or contract is signed by the owner in front of the licensing officer

The Abu Dhabi Government website is really good, all the links are interactive, it is quite simple to go to the relevant department and find out what you need. They have an interactive chat option, so you type in your query or request and an operator is able to direct you or post links directly to your browser. www.abudhabi.ae

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