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Anyone moved from Dubai to Abu Dhabi?

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19/03/2012 21:58:08
If so, are you happy you moved? Are your children happy? Do you like the schools, neighbourhoods, etc.

The drive everyday is getting too much for my DH and he thinks we should seriously consider moving to AD.
We have been in Dubai 4 years and have 3 children (6, 2, 5mths). Our 6yr old is very happy in his school and is academically challenged and we're all very settled in Dubai. I don't know anything about AD, so not thrilled at the thought of moving, but do understand my DH's position.

I would appreciate everyone's honest opinions, good and bad.

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20/03/2012 08:05:48
Yes we did 2.5 years ago. My children were 11 and 4 then. My husband also drove up every day and said he would continue doing it as both children were settled in their school but life is too short for the crazy driving so we made the big move and have been very happy.
Both children are happy and I have made lots of friends. We still go to Dubai frequently, especially for the shopping but it is getting better here.

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20/03/2012 11:11:57
Thanks Febs for your response. That's a positive sign.
I don't know anything about AD, so I don't even know where to start when it comes to schools, neighbourhoods, etc.
Do you mind telling me what neighbourhood you live in and what schools your children go to?
Is the neighbourhood western like Meadows / AR or more local like Al Barsha?
Any help would be appreciated.

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20/03/2012 12:49:54
the housing is sooo much better in dubai, the only thing that comes close to meadows etc etc is compounds such as palm oasis, mangrove, sas al nakeel, mushrif gardens, raha gardens etc etc. then there are the more standalone type houses, more like barsha but not like barsha as dubai is better laid out, with landscaping and shops and bus routes etc etc. schools will be your major obstacle, especially as you have the most popular years always big waiting lists for those.

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20/03/2012 13:31:45
I also knew nothing about Abu Dhabi so went for the school with the history - BSAK. Got a place for my daughter but couldn't get my son in so he went to Al Yasmina thinking I would move him but he was very happy and didn't want to move so we are in an unusual situation with children in different schools but it works for us. Obviously with 3 it will be easier to have them together (future) and you now have Brighton College and BISAD (all these are British Curriculum) not sure what type you want? I am happy with both BSAK and AY and the others seem fine too.
We live in Al Raha Gardens. We went to look at a few and really liked the size and quality and have been here since we moved to AD. Negatives are no pool (but there are often good membership deals around) and the a/c bills!
We lived in Al Barsha and the children went to school in Emirates Hills so I am familiar with both those areas and knew what I wanted/didn't want here.
I did have the advantage of planning our move in advance so was able to look at the schools and submit the applications in the required time (Feb) - not sure when you are looking to move?

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23/03/2012 19:16:30
We're in a similar position as you... just the other way around.

Driving between Abu Dhabi and Dubai everyday is exhausting, and just leaves you with no time. And I'm sure your husband would love to spend more time with his children than spending it needlessly on the road.

There are plenty of good schools in Abu Dhabi, lots of nice places to live, and I think Abu Dhabi has much more of a "community" feel than Dubai. And at 6, I think your son will be able to adjust to a new school with relative ease.

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29/03/2012 14:49:37
Thanks ladies for all your replies.

I know the chances of getting my son into a good school this september is probably slim to none, so my dh has said he'd continue to make the drive to AD at least until the end of next school year and then we really need to consider moving. So I do have time to plan.

For those of you that know Dubai well, perhaps you can give me some recommendations as my dh has no clue about schools & residential areas in AD!!!

Neighbourhoods: I'm looking for a neigbourhood similar to Victory Heights/ AR / Meadows - with pavements to push the pram on and parks to take the kids to. (I've lived in both local and western neighbourhoods here in Dubai and I don't mind either, but I find it easier for the kids to go out and play in a compound type neighbourhood).

Schools: My ds goes to Repton, so I'm looking for a school that is similarily academically challenging. I don't mind if it's British or American curriculum, it just has to be academically challenging.

Thanks for any help you can give.

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