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ExpatWoman.com is the best community website for all the information you need about living in Dubai. If you are wondering things like… Should we move to Dubai? Where will we live in Dubai? Which school should I send our children to? What will life be like in Dubai? How can I get a job in Dubai? How will we meet other expats in Dubai? What events are happening in Dubai? You are in the right place! Let us be your Dubai guide. The ExpatWoman.com website is written by women, for women- for expats living in or relocating to Dubai. Check out our great Dubai FAQs section which is packed full of the info you need to know. We want to enable expats to connect, participate and share and we have a great Information Forum for this- where you can look for advice and help others too. Enjoy!


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Expatwoman dubai   Expatwoman dubai   Expatwoman dubai
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WIN! With EW Competitions
You've got to be in it to win it! We have a selection of fantastic books, dvd's, concert tickets, beauty treatments and a fitness class pass from Urban Energy up for grabs. Don't miss out!
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Schools In Dubai
Choosing a school for your child can be a hard decision- whether it's a nursery school, primary or secondary school. We've got an Education section jam packed with lists of fees and advice.
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  Restaurants in Dubai
We are so spoilt for choice when it comes to eating out in Dubai. Visit our Food & Drink website to find out the latest news, reviews and to search through 1000s of fabulous restaurants.
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Expatwoman dubai
We love a great deal here at ExpatWoman and we've got some fabulous offers for you every month. We have many discounts for all sorts of things in Dubai including beauty treatments, manicures, pedicures, hair treatment offers, restaurant deals, pet services, gifts and so much more. We try and find as many great deals for you as we can as we love a bit of pampering as well! We add all our latest EW offers as they come in, so check out our Dubai Deals section regularly to make the most of these great discounts! It's a great way to save some money and try out some new places at the same time too! Take Me There>>
ExpatWoman Food

Expatwoman dubai   Expatwoman dubai   Expatwoman dubai
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Furniture In Dubai
Moving to a different country can be daunting- fear not, one of the best things about Dubai is that it has similar amenities and facilities for furnishing your home as the rest of the world.
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  Pamper Days
Why don't you treat yourself to a day at the spa- a massage is so good for coping with the stress of Dubai and the daily grind. There are so many wonderful treatments available to you.
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  Staying Safe in the Sun
Tips and advice on staying safe in the sun, The sun is to be enjoyed, but we want to make sure you are aware of the risks associated with exposure to the sun and how you can help minimise those risks.read more

Expatwoman dubai   Expatwoman dubai   Expatwoman dubai
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Tips for Online Shopping
Why not try shopping from the comfort of your own home?
Read the ExpatWoman guide to online stores in the UAE and the best of those who deliver to the UAE, for cards, gifts and flowers...
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  How To Make Friends In Dubai
We quite often have threads on our forum talking about how hard it is to make friends in Dubai. Here we have some top tips on how to find yourself a new circle or expand your social group.  
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  The Essential Baby Care Guide
ExpatWoman.com have teamed up with the lovely ladies from The Essential Parent Company to introduce you to the The Essential Baby Care Guide, advised and narrated by Prof. Robert Winston.
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ExpatWoman Dubai Jobs
Finance & money matters

Whether you're new to Dubai or an old hat you'll know the importance of taking care of your finances right from the start. We have a whole finance section dedicated to doing just that,  we look at everything from opening a bank account to the cost of living in Dubai and how to budget, plus advice on securing a financial adviser for life insurance, protecting your assets with a will and moving your money offshore or into investments.

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House Hunting In Dubai
If you are looking for somewhere to live- don't panic! We've loads of advice for you and also you can search 1000s of properties for rent in our Property Search section- the hunt could be over soon!
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  How About A New Hobby?
Are you a budding chef? or are you nippy with the scissors? Now could be the time to explore! From Cooking classes to hairdressing, you are sure to find an extra curricular activity for you.
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  It's Event Season!
There are so many gigs going on it's amazing! There's top performers coming to town to thrill us with their songs and performances. Make sure you don't miss out as tickets are selling out fast!
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